“Therapeutic Cleaning”: 30 Times Things Were Transformed By Cleaning Them

Published 7 months ago

One thing that has really surprised me about adulting is the obsession with cleaning. Not only is it satisfying to spend time cleaning because it’s a quick way to feel productive and boost your mood but it’s equally satisfying to see cleaning videos online or check out those before and after pics. 

Indeed, cleaning seems to be a growing trend that has amassed quite a following online with one subreddit even gaining quite a bit of popularity for its cathartic content. We can’t deny its hold on us anymore, so scroll to check out some of the most satisfying cleaning posts we found on this dedicated page which we’ve shared in the gallery below. 

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#1 Every Weekend I Cleaning For Free For Depression People

Image source: CleanwithBarbie

Mia BlackWow this his wholesome. I would need this but I have a hard time let go my stuff so I have to sort it out by myself. It’s constant work, it’s exhausting, everyday there is more to do but with no energy after work… It’s draining…. It helps to be a little less harsh to oneself and accept that there is still clutter and laundry and it could be worse.

#2 Yesterday I Cleaned A Young Mom’s Kitchen. She Is A Single Parent, She Doesn’t Have Any Help. She Came Out From A Shelter And Now She Is Trying To Be A Good Mom

Image source: CleanwithBarbie

Marcos ValenciaSome people would judge, you helped instead. In this particular case, my first movement was a judgmental thinking (something like “being a single parent is too hard, but it’s too much neglecting”). But OP just helped, instead of judging. Wonderful people provide such lessons. That’s a gift.

#3 Had No Idea The Grout Was White Under There (Might Not Have Started If We Knew Tbh…)

Image source: SwagzBagz

ƒιѕнYou can dye your grout if its light colored to give more definition to your flooring.

#4 The 12 Bags Of Trash I Pulled Out Of My Depression Pit Of A Room. Please Remember To Take Care Of Yourselves You Guys

Image source: APUSHMeOffACliff

#5 A Shower Transformation! Hardest Thing I’ve Cleaned

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Recently Had A Bad Episode Of A Couple Months Of Depression. Finally Cleaned My Room

Image source: deepblueesea

Barbara Kayton: Well done. It’s tough – I think there are people who don’t truly understand how much depression can derail you.

#7 Oven Door, Before And After. Didn’t Realise There Are 4 Panes Of Glass- 3 Of Which Are Satisfyingly Removable!

Image source: FrenchMartini_20

SandellaWait, how do you remove the glass panes?!

Clown fish: There are normally 2-4 screws that you unscrew and the glass comes out. Makes sure to remember what side faced in towards the oven though as it really does matter on alot of them
Sans Serif: You’d be amazed at how much debris you can remove from the inside glass just by using a razor paint scraper. Often you don’t even need to remove the glass…

#8 Cleaned My Stove After A Year Of Neglect. (Depression Sucks Man) I’m Proud Of This!

Image source: Rayneeileen

#9 My Grandma Is A Horder Me An My Brother Did This In 2 Days

Image source: Some_Guy_joe

d-recoveryI hope you had her consent and involvement. Hoarding is a result of deep depression, a coping mechanism that unfortunately doesn”t work. If she wasn’t involved you’ve ripped her coping strategies away from her. I can’t imagine that any of us would like a family member to come into our homes and get rid of stuff without our consent – no matter the goodness of the intention.

#10 Moved Back In With My Mom For A New Job While I Get On My Feet. She let her place go unfortunately so I’m making it my mission to help to show my gratitude letting me move back in. Here’s the before/after of the fridge

Image source: eva_white

#11 Copper Sink Before/After

Image source: Keithbaby99

Jan RosierIndeed lovely, but very high maintenance.

#12 She’s Not Perfect, But An Improvement Was Made

Image source: quinnfarrow

#13 Italian (Ruffoni) Copper Pot Deep Clean

Image source: Feyrahel

Antonia: but I do love the old patina too

#14 Polished Up

Image source: reddit.com

NapQueen: NO WAY!!

#15 On Today’s Episode Of Beating Depression… This Clean Made Me Sob. I Was Able To Purge And Organize

Image source: reddit.com

sbjThat’s a Job well done!

#16 My Ex Moved Out Yesterday So My Bathroom Got A Glow Up

Image source: ssdgm6

CoMa4Orange you glad your ex moved out?!

#17 3 Days… This Is Not My Home. Sharing Is Permitted By The Owner

Image source: CleanwithBarbie

Ezigma: Wow, they had a pretty nice couch set under all that too.

#18 From Trash Storage Room To Son’s New Bedroom

Image source: Nuggslette

Marcos Valencia: Such a beautiful room for storage?

#19 I Have A Really Tough Time Keeping Organized Thanks To Adhd, But I’m Starting The New Year Off Right!

Image source: capaldis

#20 Before And After Of My Living Room. Been Dealing With Pretty Bad Depression For About 6 Years. I finally found the motivation and energy to clean. It may have taken me 2 weeks but it’s done and I hope it never gets that bad again

Image source: rzolab

CoMa4Love the record player!!

#21 Before And After: The Bedroom Abyss

Image source: DemiurgeMCK

#22 Finally Cleaned My Apartment After A Depressive Episode – So Nice To Have A Clean Space Again!

Image source: arisharkboi

#23 Just Cleaned Out My Closet For The First Time In A Loooong Time. Depression Is A B**ch, I Kicked Her A**

Image source: gatordorf

#24 Farm Cleaning – Old Chicken Coop Before & After. Two People & Two Shovels Later

Image source: reddit.com

Mia BlackI hope they wore masks… Clean out a chicken coop without is unhealthy for the lungs

#25 So Work Kinda Consumed My Life.. I’m Not Letting That Happen Again!

Image source: Kungfuman432

Mia BlackI always hope that after cleaning that it will stay this way and we just have to put everything in its place to keep it tidy…. But then everyday chaos hits us, piles go up and it’s again so much work it’s hard to start with….I hate this. I have a free day today. A day I should relax. I am now making laundry, dishes, the bed, putting stuff away and it’s still so so much to do…. And with more than one person in the house the plan to keep it in one condition is always doomed in my experience. Everyone has a different sense of tidy, of where things should be stored, of energy to put things away….

#26 Before And After Of Cleaning A Stained And Yellowed Vintage Hand Crocheted Nightgown

Image source: CeallachODaugherty

Antoniatruly beautiful

#27 After Months Of Just Going Through The Motions With The Mop, I Finally Got Down And Did A Proper Clean Of My Tiles

Image source: mynutsaremusical

#28 I Detail Cars, This Is A Before And After

Image source: CouponSSBoi

Antonia: Last summer I had my classic car detailed by a proffesionel. Costs an arm and a leg but so worth it!

#29 I Know This Might Not Seem Impressive But It’s The First Time I’ve Cleaned Something In Months (Had A Bad Depressive Episode) And I’m Just So Proud Of Myself

Image source: suwiika

#30 Copper Sink Before And After Cleaning

Image source: vvk21

ƒιѕнBeautiful hammered copper sink! Also not cheap.

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