20 Non-Horror Movies That Most People Consider As More Terrifying Than Most Other Movies Out There

Published 1 year ago

There’s something morbidly fascinating about the horror genre. From the chilling music that gives you goosebumps to the horrifying jump scares that send a rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins, everything about the genre is a thrilling experience. But what if the horror aspect is unexpected? 

One internet user recently asked Netizens, what film comes to mind when asked what was the scariest non-horror movie from the vast variety available. The responses may resonate or might be worth adding to your must-watch list if you haven’t already. At worst it may bring to mind your own blood-curdling suggestions which you can share in the comments sections.

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#1 Coraline – it’s technically a kids movie but it’s freaky as hell

Image source: SpiritualSock9


Schindler’s List. Can’t believe such horror actually took place.

Image source: a_guy_named_gai

#3 Black Swan. That movie should be marked as horror.

Image source: Lachimanus, Searchlight Pictures

#4 Mommy dearest.

Image source: hashedram, Paramount Pictures

It’s about a narcissistic actress who adopts a child, shows love initially, then turns into a horrible, abusive monster when the child starts thinking for herself. If you’ve been in an abusive relationship, this movie hits harder than any horror flick

#5 HBO’s Chernobyl was hands down the scariest tv series I’ve ever watched. Radiation is terrifying

Image source: PM_Me_UrRightNipple, Home Box Office (HBO)

#6 Trainspotting. The baby scene, but also Robert Carlyle’s violently deranged character.

Image source: greenvortex, Channel Four Films

#7 Children of Men. And it’s only gotten more frightening in light of recent events.

Image source: Cream_Gingerly, Universal Pictures

#8 AI: Artificial Intelligence. I watched that pretty young and the whole thing was fairly traumatizing.

Image source: Big_Simba, Warner Bros.

#9 Who Framed Roger Rabbit scared the hell out of me, especially with the Judge Doom scene at the end when it’s revealed he’s a toon.

Image source: Goose_Politician, Touchstone Pictures

#10 Requiem For A Dream is scary as hell!

Image source: marmogawd, Artisan Entertainment

If you really want your kids to understand why drugs are bad, just show them this movie (well, don’t show this movie to kids, maybe on their teen years)

A lot of frightening scenes, graphic moments and a sad ending.

#11 Nightcrawler isn’t scary in the traditional sense, but it’s extremely unsettling

Image source: 1spicytunaroll, Bold Films

#12 The Labyrinth.

Image source: flammable1313, Henson Associates (HA)

Gave me nightmares when I first saw it as a teen. Fucking Hoggle makes me shudder. Jim Henson for the creep factor. I saw one of the puppets in real life at a museum. I’ll never be the same.

#13 The Killing of a Sacred Deer, on Netflix.

Image source: librarianjenn, Element Pictures

Holy c**p, this movie is disturbing. Honestly? I thought after it was over ‘I didn’t like that.’ But it stuck with me, and I thought about it for days afterward. That’s when you know it was a good movie. That kid… holy s**t… Barry Keoghan… his acting was incredible.

#14 Cats. It’s absolute nightmare fuel

Image source: Conells, Perfect World Pictures

#15 I saw Return to Oz when I was a kid during a sleepover. I didnt get any sleep that night. Saw it again a few years ago as a 30yr old. Still scary.

Image source: Ol_Man_Rambles, Walt Disney Pictures

#16 In a weird way I find The Truman Show scary

Image source: Daniele_Bellini


Does Watership Down count? The 1978 version. It’s not categorized as a horror but as a KIDS animation/adventure yet it has blood and gore in it. Scared the s**t out of me as a kid, couldn’t sleep for days. I still can’t watch it.

Image source: bluestar8889


Not a movie but the handmaid’s tale f*****g scares me to death.

Image source: F-350SUPERDUTY


A scene from The Elephant Man by David Lynch. When the disfigured man is laying in bed and the carnival guy breaks in through the window and charges people to see his face haunts me.

They way they dance around him laughing when he is dealing with so much mental anguish sticks with me.

Image source: anon

#20 Parasite. It was not marketed as a horror movie but…you know what I’m talking about

Image source: Politropos, CJ Entertainment

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