People Share 20 Implausible Moments That Ruined A Movie For Them

Published 1 year ago

We all have our favorite movies that we go back to again and again, but we have to admit that some of them do have rather outlandish moments which you just have to be really accepting of to keep going despite the implausibility and silly factor. A topic on the reddit page on r/movies started trending recently, when user, u/xwhy, posted asking people to share a movie moment that was so dumb that they couldn’t accept it even knowing that we need to leave room for flexible credibility in such a pursuit.

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This actually just occurred to me today: in The Matrix, the concept of “dying in the simulation kills you IRL” and “the body cannot live without the mind”. I get that the simulation is *very* real, but it only interacts with your conscious brain by implanting images and sensations into your cerebrum. Your autonomic nervous system is controlled by the brain stem (cerebellum) and has nothing to do with your conscious interaction with the surrounding world.

Your brain stem doesn’t “know” that you got shot; physiological changes due to the impact impair homeostasis, and interrupt vital functions. Your brain stem will still try to make your heart beat even if your heart gets ripped out of your chest (for the few moments it still has oxygen) so why would your brain stem “decide” to make your heart stop just because you think you got shot?

it makes no sense at all and considering much of the series relies on people dying for real because they died in the simulation totally ruins it for me

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Horses aren’t motorcycles.


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Hollywood’s insistence that getting shot with a shotgun will throw you back several feet.


I was really surprised and taken out of the movie 3 Kings to see people hauling duffel bags of gold bars like they weighed nothing. It is not just one scene, the whole movie they are tossing around, carrying while running, passing from person these duffel bags we’re supposed to believe are full of gold bars. One gold bar is 25 pounds so these bags would be easily be hundreds and hundreds of pounds

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When things are conveniently silent: Talk about someone in a normal voice when they’re three feet away. “Can I have a word with you for a minute?” Steps to the other end of the couch for a long conversation about something secret.

Or, sneaks into the back of a car when someone is right there. Car doors make a lot of noise.


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Indiana Jones in a refrigerator being flung hundreds of yards by a nuclear explosion, fast enough to pass a car going full speed, and being unharmed.

In a movie with aliens, a teenager swinging from vines with monkeys fast enough to catch moving vehicles and alien ghosts.


Any example where there’s a race against time that requires being somewhere in 5-10 minutes that would clearly take 30-45 *minimum*.

I understand that mechanically it’s probably easier to build a sense of momentum when the race against time roughly corresponds to the runtime itself, but whenever someone says “I’ll be there in 5 minutes,” I can’t help but get distracted thinking how it’ll take them that long just to get going and on the road, let alone cover the 45+ minute commute between locations.

It’s not something so egregious as to ruin the film/episode, it’s just something I immediately notice and therefore necessitates an active suspension of my disbelief.

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In ‘End of Days’ the movie goes out of it’s way to show that the main character’s life is in shambles and he basically doesn’t care about anything anymore. He’s a drunk who eats garbage and almost never leaves his apartment.

The problem? The main character is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, so we’re supposed to believe that this guy who doesn’t give a s**t about his health has the body of a guy who puts roids in his cereal and spends 4 hours a day at the gym.


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This is a dumb one I know, but it irks me that everyone overslept in Home Alone 2.

There was no household power outage, and I’m supposed to believe that NOBODY had set an alarm clock besides Kevin’s parents?


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I love Mean Girls, but that scene where Regina George gets hit by a bus, while actually being very funny, also completely takes me out of the movie. She’s standing in the street for a long time before a bus, that somehow doesn’t see her, plows through her at full speed, all while making no sound whatsoever before it hits her


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When 102 pound actresses dispatch a room full of dudes that look like Dave Babtista without taking a single knock in the process. Same can be true with make actors too.


“The Dark Knight Rises”. Ok, so no one has seen Batman OR Bruce Wayne for seven years and then they BOTH show up in Gotham at the same time but no one notices the coincidence? Not even “Robin” because he says he figured it out by looking into his eyes. Took me out of the movie and that happened at the beginning. Oh and let’s not forget that Commissioner Gordon couldn’t figure that part out either but could all of a sudden remember a tiny conversation he had with a very young Bruce Wayne to put it together. Dumb.

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Game of Thrones: I know there was plenty of awful writing in the later seasons, but armies just started teleporting around the place. Armies on horseback and foot. I grew up on a farm and do you know how much food animals need for 6 week. And people. When winter is coming in, so zero grass growth. And moving that food around with the army. And then carts, wheelwrights to fix the carts wheels. They had spent a lot of time showing how far sone parts were from each other.

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Any movie where they plug a flash drive in and get it right on the first try without looking.

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In The Queen‘s Gambit, when Anya Taylor-Joy’s character loses control of her life, and she’s sitting there in a satin nightgown with perfect hair and makeup. Sure. That’s what I look like when I lose control over my life too


My number one pet peeve is when characters who speak the same language are all speaking in English to each other with accents. I get they do it because they’re targeting an English-speaking audience and a lot of this group can’t be bothered to read subtitles, but that always takes me out. I’m also anti-dub because I like to hear the actors speak in their native language, even if I can’t understand it.

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The opening of A Quiet Place, when the camera pans to a newspaper vending machine and the headline reads, “It’s Sound!!”

I could not get past the idea that the world (maybe just the area?) is being destroyed by creatures with such super hearing that we later see children playing Monopoly with pieces of felt because the sound of plastic on chipboard will evidently risk death, and someone had to write a story about something so obvious, then it was proofed, then it was edited, then someone had to typeset it, THEN they actually ran the printing press – they’re *absurdly* loud – and some poor schlub had to brave their way through the streets, dodging sound monsters as the sun was coming up, so they could drive around the city and fill vending machines with newspapers.

I know it’s a throwaway moment in the movie, I get that it’s an homage to sci-fi movies of the 50s and 60s, but it’s just so dumb when you think about it.

Then, of course, you find out the protagonists have decided to put themselves and their family in complete danger by getting pregnant (you really think you can keep a baby completely silent through their being a toddler? And your best soundproofing is newspapered walls and one spring mattress?!) and I just couldn’t enjoy anything or take it seriously. I hate that movie with a vengeance.


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Independence Day, when Jeff Goldblum plugs the Apple into the alien ship and infects them with a virus.


I know this is a staple of the character but every time Clark Kent rips open his shirt to reveal his costume it drives me nuts. WHERE DOES HE KEEP THE CAPE??

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The jeep in Jurassic World still being in perfect operating condition, with viable fuel, after 20+ years in an abandoned garage.

Caught myself saying “That’s so unrealistic” out loud, watching a movie about man-eating genetically engineered dinosaurs.

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