20 School Lunch Photos From Different Places In The World

Published 2 years ago

Lunch is one of the most important meals for kids, and schools are responsible for serving nutritious and healthy food to keep their students fit and active.

While some schools pay a lot of attention to students’ lunches, some of them just don’t care at all. Today we have collected some of the photos of lunches that are served in various schools from all over the world. From fresh mouth-watering meals to frozen food, check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 My School Lunch. It Was Very Nice. UK

Image source: Interesting-Sock-223

#2 School Cafeteria Lunches In Finland

Image source: worldbeyondyourown

#3 My School Lunch In Beijing, China

Image source: Altruistic_Dog445

#4 Food In One Of The Moscow Schools. It’s Macaroni And Cement I Guess

Image source: sharksalad

#5 School Christmas Lunch In Finland (Free)

Image source: Meatballerina

#6 School Lunch From My Country. Where Am I? France

Image source: Phylanara

#7 Here’s My Awesome Korean School Lunch! Schools Have A Qualified Nutritionist To Plan The Lunch Menu

Image source: StiffCrustySock

#8 Today Was Veggie Burger And Sweet Potato Fries For Lunch In The School’s Cafeteria In Germany

Image source: caseyy89

#9 Lunch At A Korean Elementary School

Image source: kimchi_weather

#10 Breakfast At A Public Charter School, Austin, Texas

Image source: Mr401blunts

#11 School Lunch In America Since We’re Posting School Lunches

Image source: saphiresgirl

#12 Complaining About School Lunches? Here’s My School’s “Philly Cheese Steak”

Image source: reddit.com

#13 My Free School Lunch Today In Finland

Image source: eizei

#14 Public School Lunch In Minnesota

Image source: DatSota

#15 My School Likes To Do Fruit Water In Our Dining Hall. So Today We Got Jalapeño And Pineapple Water

Image source: BringerOfLemonade

#16 My Swedish School Lunch (100% Free)

Image source: Sir-Alfonso

#17 My Finnish School Lunch (Vegetarian)

Image source: JizzPimple

#18 Public School Lunch In Sweden

Image source: johansantana17

#19 The School Lunch From A Elementary School In Colombia

Image source: buckeyespud

#20 Some Pictures Of My School Lunch In Japan. Nutritious And Delicious, Japan Knows How To Feed Their Kids

Image source: corner

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