20 Secrets People Intended To Keep Forever

Published 2 years ago

The old saying goes, “There is no secret that will not be revealed.” That could be true because sometimes, secrets just reveal themselves eventually. And sometimes, secrets continuously try to find their way out of you.

And that’s the case for these 20 people. In this Reddit thread, they told that these secrets were intended to be held on to for life, but they found the thread to be a channel to voice it out anonymously. The secrets you will read below have finally burst out of their cages and can make you feel uneasy and disturbed. So buckle up because this will be an emotional rollercoaster!

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I burned down a train station.

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My dad was having a heart attack in front of me and my mother, she yelled at me to go get help but I froze in fear. He later died which caused my mother to become addicted to prescription pain killer and then killed herself while my brother also killed himself a year later.

TL;dr I ruined my family.


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When I was younger I was at my friends house sledding. He had to leave with his family but I kept sledding. I lost control and ran over a baby pine tree they had planted earlier in the year. A tree they had planted in remembrance of my friends grandma passing away that year. I had snapped the tree when I hit it. So I just stuck it in the snow and left. Weeks later and it warms up enough that the snow melts and the tree falls over. They were devastated when they discovered their tree was broken with no explanation how it happened.


Image source: Chuuucky24, Ksenia Chernaya

When I was like… 10 or 11, a lot of my classmates got glasses. I thought they were pretty cool, so I faked having myopia in order to get glasses as well. I wasn’t too dumb tho, I pretended that I could see better with lenses that had a small diopter so they didn’t actually damage my eyesight. The downside was that my parents thought using the computer had something to do with it, so they didn’t allow me to use it anymore. Also, I got bored of the glasses quickly, so there’s that. I don’t really wear them anymore, but I’m ashamed to tell my folks that I faked having bad eyesight because they were really upset at the time.


Image source: pistolaz_, Mikhail Nilov

In 7th grade, me and my friend Simon got the password for the admin accounts on our classroom’s computer and our teacher always came in late so we would just change our grades whenever we got to class before him and the door was unlocked. I’m pretty sure this is what got me into a really good high school because i rarely did homework, but I usually knew the material.


Image source: misssnizzle, Oscar Fickel

We had an old cat growing up named Tuna. He was 16 or 17 and had a long and happy life but was really deteriorating. My mom did not want him put down as it was her cat and she seemed to be in denial about how decrepit and near death this cat was. One day she comes home from the store and my dad calmly tells her that he found Tuna dead under a tree in the sun. She was happy he died peacefully and on his own terms. What she doesn’t know is that she actually ran him over as she was leaving for the store. She obviously didn’t feel him under the tire but my mom killed her cat and we all lied about him dying in his sleep.


My friend in 8th grade called me before he killed himself and told me it was my fault. If I called his mom sooner instead of feeling sorry for myself and for him he might still be here

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I always tell my wife how much I love her makeup that day.

I hate it. I wish she would stop wearing it but it makes her happy so I decide to lie.


Image source: twelvehatsononegoat, Vlada Karpovich

I was using my dad’s computer and it auto-completed “(our city) escorts”. I was fourteen and had no idea what to do. It’s been 8 years now so I feel it’s kind of past the familial statute of limitations


Image source: elindapo, Marcelo Leal

One night I woke up with my mind in a twist, my mom was in the hospital at the time, I had a crazy urge to call them and check on her, but I reasoned not to because I couldn’t think of an excuse so I fell back to sleep. 5am I get a call that they checked on her and she didn’t have a pulse, I just think there was something I could have done that destroys me to even think about it.


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In the car ride home the other day from a family vacation, my date offered to drive the 9 hours home since I drove us there. I had fallen asleep but woke up abruptly when I farted. Loudly. And it stunk. I had been sleeping with his jacket over my head so I pretended to be asleep.

As I was drifting back to sleep I farted again. Just as loud. Just as smelly. I continued to pretend to be asleep, though I heard him stifle giggles.

I’ll never tell him I was awake the whole time.


Image source: purpleclouds, Pixabay

Probably not going to the grave with it because I’m sure the rest of my family will find out about this (some family already knows and that’s how I found out) but I just found out that my homophobic/racist as [hell] step brother who is a marine has been doing gay [adult movies] for the last few years. Apparently, he is one of this site’s top stars or whatever and it all has a military theme. I just found this out 3 days ago..


Image source: very_large_ears, Wedding Dreamz

The wife of a close friend knows that the friend was closeted and was gay before they got married. She believes that she is the only reason he decided to be straight instead. She admitted this to me on a 12-hour road trip once and then realized she’d said too much and swore me to secrecy. I didn’t tell her that, before getting married, the close friend admitted to me that he wanted to be gay but that he never dared to out of fear of judgment of his rural, conservative family. He almost didn’t get married because he didn’t think he could pull it off, but it seemed like the to save face with his family. They have been married over 20 years now.


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I saw my friends nipple when I looked down her bra the other night whilst nursing her sunburnt shoulders and back


Image source: CptBarbosa, Damir Samatkulov

Well for a while last year i was planning on [taking my own life], with a note typed out on google docs, how to leave the rest of my room to be the least inconvenience to my family, etc.

Doing much better now, went on antidepressants, weaned myself off, just trying to land a job so i can actually get started with my life. Feeling good about the future :)


Image source: cobhc83, Yurii Stupen

My father bought me a beautiful Fender Stratocaster for my 15th Birthday. It was unique and gorgeous. I sold it to a guitar shop when I was 20 because I needed the cash. I never had the heart to tell him. I even found one exactly like it almost 10 years later, after I had become financially stable. I bought it in an instant. He still thinks I have the guitar he got me for my birthday. I still don’t have the heart to tell him.


Image source: anon, Johnny Cohen

That this child isn’t actually my bastard, but my sister’s son, whose dad passed away.


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The real reason I don’t talk to my mum is because she called me at 3 am one day, after she’d had a fight with her boyfriend and I had to run to her house and wrestle the pill bottle out of her hand to stop her from trying to [take her life] by OD’ing again. She refused to get help, we’d had her committed several times, and I couldn’t handle the burden, at 19, of being the one physically stopping her.


I’m still married but have been in a relationship with my SO for a year and a half. I was in a really ugly, domestic violence ridden marriage with my childhood sweetheart, one night he choked me in a grocery store parking lot until I blacked out and the next day I maxed out my credit card and got on a plane to Florida to see my grandma. I graduated college a week prior and didn’t have a job and had no financial means to leave my husband. I stayed in Florida for about a month, took my state boards for my RN license and passed the exam. I flew back to my home state, called my mom who I hadn’t spoken to in 5 years and went to stay with her. About a week later I found my first RN job and worked while I stayed with my parents and was miserable and tried to hide from my crazy husband. Fast forward a few months and I saved about 5 grand. I was constantly scared of my husband knowing where I was and coming to find me, it was just an all around absolutely shitty time in my life. I have never been so depressed. I told my mom I had enough money to either hire an attorney or move far away somewhere that I could be safe and start over but I didn’t know what to do. She encouraged me to leave and start fresh and take care of myself for a while. So I did. I packed what little I had in my car and drove across the country with no plan to somewhere I had only visited a few times. I ended up doing ok, finding a job as soon as I got here (yay nursing) and never telling anyone about my actual past. Everyone thinks I’m a divorced girl who left the Midwest because of the Cold. To this day the only people who know I’m actually still married is my family back home. I’m just now getting to the point where I can probably start figuring out how to get divorced but still scared that my ex will find out where I live through the divorce process/papers and would have to work really hard to keep it all a secret so my current SO doesn’t find out. It’s a serious relationship and we’ve talked about marriage etc and I plan to try as hard as I can to keep this all a secret. He would never forgive me if he found out I had been lying the entire time about being secretly married.

Tl;dr ran away from abusive husband moved across the country started a new life and currently in a serious relationship with someone who has no idea I’m married.

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My parents are divorced and remarried (my dad is very happily married to my step-mom; my mom, is not so happily married to my step-dad).

They both confided in me a long time ago that they’re both still very much in love with each other (separately, of course; they live thousands of miles apart), but they asked me to never tell anybody in our lives about this. I intend on keeping that promise, but it hurts to know that they still feel so strongly about each other, and maybe, just maybe, could have gotten back together if they weren’t so proud and stubborn.

Such is life.

Edit: extra detail that I totally forgot to mention – when I turned 18, my father and his parents (we’re all very close) sat me down and handed me a folder with everything that happened regarding their divorce. All of the letters between my parents, the confession of the situation that started it all, and it kind of shattered my world at the time. I had this image of my mom and my dad, and these images and ideas of who they were had to be edited to add all of this new information in, and they clashed very strongly. Over time, I came to understand that people change, and the parents I saw dealing with their divorce are not the parents I have today.

My mom was only 19 when they started dating, and they married 2 years later. My dad was 7 years older, so he had more life experience. From what I gathered, my mom just wasn’t ready for that kind of life, that kind of commitment. I understand it a lot clearer now that I’ve been in my own relationship with my partner for 4 years now, and we got together when he was 18 and I was 21. Things are all the more difficult when you’re living with someone at such a young age. We’ve made it work and we are extremely happy that we did, but we honestly felt like it would end at any point during the first 2.5 years; they were hellish.

It also didn’t help that my mom came from a pastor’s family, and they were extremely strict, to the point of disregarding their faith for the sake of the family image to the public. There are some very dark stories about that, but this thread isn’t the place to get into that, I feel.

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