25 Common Rules People Continuously Break Because They Make No Sense

Published 2 months ago

Having rules in place is crucial for maintaining a sense of order. General guidelines provide structure, easing the inner unease that many of us feel.

However, not all rules stand up to scrutiny when it comes to their underlying logic. While every rule may have some rationale behind it, not all reasons necessarily make sense, be it from a logical, practical, or any other standpoint. Folks recently got together online to discuss some of these irrational rules that they continuously break because of fundamental differences in opinion.

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#1 Speaking ill of the dead. I’m not going to pretend that somebody was a better person than they actually were because they are dead.

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#2 Pluto is a planet.

Image source: NavierIsStoked, NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute/Alex Parker

#3 I refuse to say that somebody “passed away”. They died. Ascribe a weighty word to a weighty concept.

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#4 I help homeless people on the streets by passing out food. Never know what they’ve been through. I’ve gotten tickets for it too , sad

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#5 Consumption Dates: Eating food past its sell-by date, as you believe it’s often still good and don’t want to waste food

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#6 I hate how they give perfect attendance awards in schools. If my kid is sick, going through trauma, or we have a funeral, they can skip a damn day

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#7 If it’s a single restroom then I won’t care which gender it is.

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#8 If I’m working at some sort of establishment that throws food away, even though it’s clearly still edible, im taking that s**t.

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Teacher: If kids are hungry, I let them eat. They can eat as much as they want. Even if they show up late, they can eat, if it’s in the middle of the day, they can eat while they work. Also, they can go to the bathroom, maybe they have to wait 3 minutes until I’m done talking, but otherwise go. It helps I have a bathroom in my room which would solve many problems for middle schoolers.

#10 Getting around paywalls. I understand financially supporting journalism, but I can’t subscribe to everything.

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#11 They will pry the Oxford comma from my cold dead hands.

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I think Netflix and other streaming services should have the same contents worldwide. We live in the age of internet, borders don’t matter. If I wanna watch something that’s not on my version of Netflix, I’ll find it online at a pirate website. Most of the time they don’t even give me the option to watch it legally because it’s just not on any service in my country. In that case it’s on them, they only have themselves to blame.

FTR, this is a hill I’m willing to die on.

ETA: I know this isn’t Netflix’s fault, it’s the ppl that own the movies and series etc. They won’t get royalties when I watch it illegally, but if I can’t watch it in a legal way, they only have themselves to blame.

#13 Don’t talk about your pay at work or at all. No, because finances are incredibly important and I sure as f**k would wanna know what a job pays. This is my life we’re talking about. Money makes it good.

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#14 No food or drinks at the nurses station. I work ER and haven’t taken a full 30 minute lunch in about a decade, I’m definitely snacking at my desk.

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#15 Loyalty to a company. P**s me off after 3 months? I’ll quit. 5 years? I’ll quit. 18 months? I’ll quit My family doesn’t give two s***s whether im somewhere for 90 days or 9 years. They just care that dad loves them and is there for them, and I never ever ever want them to be cold, hungry or in pain. And if I have to quit a job because even for a second that’s threatened, so be it

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#16 Stole a pet frog that was severely neglected. Don’t give a rat’s a*s about stealing if they don’t care about mistreating an animal.

Image source: westonlark, Virginia State Parks / flickr

#17 Elbows on the table. Why????? Unless someone’s in another persons space or their elbows are by the food, it’s such a silly rule. What’s wrong with setting my arm on the table???

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#18 I clean my ears with qtips

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The assistant manager always wants you to serve old fries at the end of the night. No. Once they go to the back office the last hour of their shift to count money and do computer things, I’m going to let you know it’s late and has been slow, but just for you I’m cooking your fries fresh, it will be about 3 more minutes. I don’t serve old, cold food. I get that you break down the fry station because it has to be cleaned. But placing a tray of fries on the sandwich warmer isn’t going to maintain taste and flavor. The fryer still works. On my shift you can trust I will get you fresh fries at 11:45 pm. Write me up. Idgaf. Ain’t nobody got time for cold fries.

#20 After the 3rd sneeze I stop saying bless you.

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#21 I bring my own snack into the movie theatre.

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#22 I let the squirrels use the bird feeder. My fluffy bois are hungry too.

Image source: TyphoidLizzie, DantesDame / reddit

#23 At my job, we aren’t allowed to go home on break. I live right in front of the store, three minute walk away. Yeah no, I’m going home.

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#24 Crossing the street in the middle is fine when there are no cars. Also it’s okay to go diagonally at cross walks for the same reason

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Pirating something you’ve paid for previously. I didn’t just buy the CD or DVD, I bought the right to install and view or use that material. Owning a physical copy of an intellectual property (music, videogame, film) implies a perpetual right to viewership and use.

Paying wildly overpriced medical bills. For a decade, now, I’ve just refused to pay, let them go to collections, and dispute them for ages until they finally give up. At worst, I make the collection agency waste money on the pursuit, then settle for pennies.

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