Disgusting People Do Exist In The World – 20 People Share Their Experiences

Published 1 year ago

When we go out in public, we have to somewhat brace ourselves to deal with a variety of people who all think and act differently to us. But there are some people who do some absolutely incredibly gross things when out and about that really shouldn’t be allowed. The worst part is, they do it without any shame whatsoever.

A reddit post by user, Killmumger, recently asked people “What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve seen someone do with no shame?” and the answers were beyond expectation, but I dare you to delve in and find out for yourself!

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Image source: maiatherm1205, Lesly Juarez

MIL uses her own hair to floss… while at the dinner table


Image source: PugnaciousPangolin, Elena Rabkina

Saw a guy walk out of a shopping mall with a burger in a box.

He opened the box, took the patty off the burger, ate the patty while letting everything else fall onto the sidewalk in front of him, and then walked away.

That was over twenty years ago, and I’m still kinda stunned by it.

You don’t often see pure sociopathy at play, but there it was.


Image source: bevlewisfan123, Adrien Olichon

A guy walked into the restaurant I was working in, tried to open the door going to the store room and realized it wasn’t a bathroom. He then proceeded to pee on the door right in front of people eating at the table near it then walked out.


Image source: climber80hd, Tim Wildsmith

A drinking partner I once knew was very much a “shock and awe” kinda fella. He would come out with the most insane stuff but was incredibly funny and intelligent. My opinion changed on the last adjective when he went to the men’s room and came out with one of the yellow urinal cakes that help keep the p**s stench down. He put it in his mouth and ate it. to this day I don’t know why he did it but it was just really weird and disgusting.


I work with this guy who has a skin condition, not sure what it is I don’t think even he knows tbh because he’s the type of person who will not go to the doctors. Anyway fair enough he’s got a skin condition where it’s flakey.

BUT he scratches and he scratches and he scratches and his skin goes everywhere and he does not care. He’s a delivery driver for the store I work at and the other drivers will come in furious because the dash board, the seats, the floor everything is snowed in with flakes of skin.

It’s got to the point my manager has had to take him aside and say you need to clean up after yourself. And has given him a handheld vacuum which he still does not use

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Image source: bucketsbferrari, Toa Heftiba

The mother of my childhood friend would chew on the dead pieces of skin she peeled off her feet…pretty sure she watched Austin Powers Goldmember too many times.


Image source: gigi_courcelle, Lui Peng

One of my employees was getting a divorce. The ex-wife changed throughout the years and became really mean. They had a dog together and he loved it. They agreed he would keep the dog.

Few weeks later, she says she misses the dog and would like to spend a few days with it. She asks to get the dog for a week starting Sunday. He accepts.

Monday, middle of the day. My employee received a text from her. It was a selfie of her, all smiles, and the dog, dead. She had the dog euthanized to hurt his ex (my employee). (Note that the dog was 4yo, healthy and ready well behaved)


Image source: jbeech-, Cristofer Maximilian

I’d interviewed a guy and decided to hire him but first, wanted to see how he drove so I suggested lunch, I’d buy. Off we went, took his truck. Kept it reasonably clean, drove proficiently, decent table manners. Good representative for the company if it ever came to it. So I paid and we pile back into his truck, me, foreman, another guy and as we’re getting back (2 lane road country-ish), he swerved expressly to hit an armadillo and laughed like a hyena. We got back, my foreman glanced my way, and I shook my head imperceptibly. He nodded in agreement. So we told the guy we had a couple more people to interview (we didn’t) and that was that. Occasionally still think back and wonder, why on Earth? An inoffensive critter and he went out of his way to kill it. Not our kind of people.


Was friends with someone until they decided to go rob a homeless shelter. They were bragging for months

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A presidential candidate making fun of a disabled reporter!

Image source: Remarkable-Party-385


I was at a wedding. It was during the buffet meal, and the woman in line behind me was dipping her fingers in each individual food item as she put it on her plate. As in, food goes on her plate, her finger goes in the food on her plate, taste the food by licking it off her finger. Then get more food from the next serving dish, using the hand she’d just licked. I could hear her smacking her lips at each food item.

I told the catering staff they needed to replace all the serve-ware immediately. They saw it. They did. I’m so glad I was in front of her.

This was not pre-COVID. This was last September.

Image source: rachelmaryl


Image source: mordorlavasauce, Dim Hou

Stayed at a hotel with swimming pool. One day i saw a guest shave her legs, cut her nails and scrub her feet in the kids pool. Zero fricks given


Back then when I was a lot younger maybe 19(f), I was at a party and some guys wanted to play a drinking game. Except it wasn’t really much of a game, we just had to take a shot whenever someone else did. So my dumbass played this game and got really wasted and apparently threw up and passed out. I had a ride to the party but they also passed out. Next day, I woke up on the couch with a vomit bucket next to me and my pants slightly pulled down and was confused and felt like c**p. I had a guy come up and tell me that some guy tried to feel me up and take my pants off while I was passed out and that the “drinking game” was actually them making the girls drink shots of vodka while they drank shots of water so the girls would get wasted and then they could take advantage of them. He said some of the others there who didn’t know about the game saw it happening and stopped them but didn’t dare try to pull my pants back up. I felt so violated and freaked out and didn’t realize naive I was and that some people are truly gross. Well.. I guess technically I didn’t “see” this.

Image source: Kittech


I go to AA and NA. A while back there was a small time drug dealer who would come to meetings and seek out women who were in rehab. When these women would leave the meeting to use the restroom he would follow them and offer to get them high for a quick sex session in the restroom. Many of these women were in rehab due to the courts, from jail, or they were trying to get clean and get their kids back. Some of them said yes and almost all who did were found out and kicked out of rehab, sent back to jail, lost the opportunity to get their kids back. This dude was eventually excommunicated from all meetings across the city, like over 250 meetings kicked him out. That is such a rare occurrence but it was very much needed. I couldn’t give less of a s**t if he’s still out using. I never say that about anyone but he’s my exception.

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Image source: Barnaby_Cuckoldsniff, Steven Weeks

Dip their d**k into a girls drink while she was at the bathroom. it was my first week in a new job and this chick used to work there before me. It was a staff night out and she was along for the ride since it had been organised while she was still there. She a bit of a c**t, I’ll be honest. But thats still no excuse.

We started off in our pub, the place we all worked. And we are all about to head out when she went to the bathroom. She had put down her glass of white wine and one of the regulars that had been invited along pulls out his d**k and just dunks it right in. Shakes it off, puts the glass back down and then zips up. Everyone laughs. And it’s mostly women working there, and they still all laughed at this.

The chick came back up the stairs, picked up her drink and thats when I became “the arsehole”. I took the drink out of her hand and poured it down the sink. No one was happy. No the chick whose drink I poured and not any of the c***s I worked with who thought it was fine to do that to someone. C**t of not, you dont do that. So I didnt last long in that job as you can imagine.


Image source: -playboydaddy, Krzysztof Hepner

I’ve worked in the oilfield most of my life. On a drilling rig there is four Crews. The crews are split in half seven days on crew and the off seven days crew. When we moved the rig both crews morning tower and evening tower joined together to disassemble the rig and move to new pad as know as well then we reassemble the rig. The whole bunch on the evening crew was wild, drank a lot and partied a lot. One of the guys will call him Dan he was always hard up for money and liked his booze…The safety man walked by with his dog and the dog stopped to take a s**t. One of the guys joked and said damn I bet you won’t eat that for $20 bucks. Still steaming he picked it up and In one swallow he downed the dog turd. ?

On my momma the truth


Image source: Late-Vacation8909, JESHOOTS.COM

I am an ER nurse. I have seen some disgusting s**t. I am about to ruin your mind. Seriously stop reading now if you don’t want to be utterly horrified.

The top tier of the cake came during a pelvic exam where a patient initially reported bleeding & that she may be miscarrying. Definite potential to become a life threatening emergency & something we take seriously.

Setting up for exam the smell permitting the room was DENSE. During the exam the doc noted blue purulent drainage (pus) and chunks of *something* that could be products of conception. We scooped out what we could for pathology, swabbed what we needed to for labs. The remainder was rinsed with saline & suctioned, took about 3 rounds to clear things up however the prolific pus production coming from the cervix persisted, so an abd CT & OB consult ensued.

During the remaining hours of this (surprise!) not-a-miscarriage work up the patient stated that her partner liked to “fill her up” with food products, including skittles & A SMOKED TURKEY LEG. Due to remaining *treats* left behind after encounters, a raging case of BV & some untreated STI this woman was lucky to walk away with an intact reproductive system.

THE COUPLE GIGGLED ABOUT IT LIKE SCHOOL KIDS. They did not give one single f**k about the risks to their own health, the level of unnecessary gross they exposed us to or the fact they were two women exclusive- literally no chance of pregnancy or miscarriage. A misuse of emergency healthcare because they were too dysfunctional & lazy to seek regular GYN care or utilize normal sexual enhancements. The people waiting for care because a potential OB hemorrhage trumps a lot of things, their amusement with their own destructive acts as we tried to determine what was going on, their blatant lying about presenting complaint, symptoms & contributing factors when we were just trying to help. Disgusting all the way around.


Image source: Santos_L_Halper_II, RODNAE Productions

Change a baby’s diaper on a table in a restaurant, then get indignant when the waitress asked them to use the changing station located in the bathroom. You know, that room for poop away from where people eat.

Edit: apparently “people who put s**t where food goes” are a thing and they are both very proud of and very defensive about doing it.


Image source: AmbitiousAssumption2, Towfiqu barbhuiya

Not quite seen (thank God) but a friend’s husband will sneeze into his open hand, then lick it clean.


Back when I was in high school, a couple was making out in the lunch line right in front of me… Worst part: one of their noses was running. I really don’t want to type the rest, but noses were soppin’ and they were NOT STOPPIN’

I left the line, traumatized. ?

Image source: Sourdough-Queen



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