This Online Thread Exposes Tattoos That Raise Red Flags, Here Are The Worst 20

Published 2 years ago

Tattoos are art. It is somebody’s way of expressing his identity in an artistically admirable way for everyone to see. Take Maui from Moana as an example, his tattoos were representations of his adventures.

Though sometimes, there are people with questionable tattoos, as stated by respondents in this viral Reddit thread. And no, we’re not talking about having “chicken noodles” in Chinese written on your skin. We’re talking about tattoos that raise red flags about the person wearing them. In this list, we’ve got 20 alarm-sounding tattoos that you should watch out for.

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Image source: OkLemon1033,

Stupid baseless words like “Pay2play” or “Boss movezzzz”


Image source: Ok-Limit5517, tacotruck4me

An inspirational quote tatted on someone screams they’re trying desperately to prove something to themselves.


Image source: EdwardPackard, Angie

The Confederate Flag is literally a red flag


It’s rather inexplicable, but Tweety Bird tats attract the worst

Source: COL_Schnitzel


Image source: hurricanetrash, CGehlen

Anything in a language they don’t speak/have a connection to


Image source: pbd1996, j46290

I was once friends with a girl who had ten tattoos, all of which were matching tattoos with other girl friends. She’s no longer friends with any of them. Two big red flags there- intense codependent friendships, many enemies/falling outs with past friends. She even tried to get me to do a matching tattoo with her once. No thanks.


Brand logos of any kind. If you like any corporation enough to get their logo tattooed on you, I’m guessing we have some major ideological differences.

Source: P0ster_Nutbag


Image source: No_Lick_Asbetos, JubJubBonks

Comedy and tragedy masks. First three people I hooked up with had them in places you couldn’t see with clothes on.

Apparently I have a type.

If I unwrap another human and find one, I may faint.


eyeball. As in having your eyeball colored permanently. No, just no. Use cool contacts. Dont take the chance of blinding yourself.

Source: kejovo


A tattoo of their own face… Unless they’re Steve-O.

Source: TheScarletSho


Image source: User_492006, MiamLitchell

Anything political or weed-related. It tells me that has become their identity, basically.


Image source: hamiltonka, Ernest James

Sort: Exes names

Placement: Face


Image source: scottstots98, Aargentino1

A huge American flag. I’m sorry.


Bible/gospel quotes are an immediate no from me

Source: Snailpics


Image source: Fun-Platypus-9153, Petkevic29

Baby’s faces, find it really unnerving, especially on the calf or top of arm. Why does it keep looking at me?


Image source: ZenithChaser69, bobbillinger

A cult tattoo. Big NO


A “Punisher” tattoo. Especially if they’re in any sort of authority position.

Source: Emperor_NOPEolean


Image source: Rothines, LaserNightingale

Anything misspelled.


Lips on the neck

Source: subiesaurus


Image source: ballq43, Ella

Alcohol or weed tattoos.

Got wisdom to pour?



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