“Instantly Repulsed By Him”: 25 Moments That Turned Crushes Into Major Turn-offs

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In the ever-vibrant and diverse world of Reddit, a question posed in the AskReddit community recently caught the attention of thousands: “What is something that instantly killed the crush you had on someone?” The responses ranged from humorous to heartbreaking, shedding light on the delicate nature of attraction and the quirks that can abruptly end it.

These stories from Reddit highlight the fragile nature of crushes and how quickly they can be shattered by a single action or revelation. Whether it’s a lapse in hygiene, an act of rudeness, or the exposure of intolerant views, these deal-breakers serve as reminders that initial attraction is often only skin-deep.

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Image source: KaceyCats0714

Had a crush on a guy in high school. Overheard him saying he thought women should be silent and submissive. I was instantly repulsed by him.


Image source: suns-n-dotters101, cottonbro studio / pexels (not the actual photo)

They called me stupid. To my face. In front of another person. Because I asked a simple, reasonable question while trying to make conversation. Yeah, never looked at them the same again.


Image source: thisisrealgoodtea, Dids . / pexels (not the actual photo)

Went to meet his family, within 2 minutes he kicked his family dog. His dad then said ‘bad dog!’ and took the dog outside, making it pretty clear where he learned the behavior.

I wanted to take the dog with me so badly. It’s been over 10 years so not sure she’s still with us, but I would think of her from time to time.


Image source: Idrawmoths, Pille R. Priske / unsplash (not the actual photo)

Had a thing for this girl until she sent back food at an Indian restaurant bc it was too spicy, after being told it would be spicy and there was no other way to make the dish. She acted super condescending and demanding and it embarrassed me a tonnnn lol. You could tell she never worked for service haha.


Image source: RosyClearwater, Evan Clark / unsplash (not the actual photo)

He told me about how he disciplined his dogs. I called animal control…….


Image source: ClassyBitch, ROCKETMANN TEAM / pexels (not the actual photo)

I had a crush on this skinny little red headed trumpet player. We were in band together and he seemed nerdy and nice. He was a year older but he was always nice to me. One night we were at a party. He told me a story about how the brother of another girl we went to school with got drunk one night and r***d her. The whole school had found out about it. He was telling this story like it was the funniest s**t he ever heard. He then proceeded to tell me that he went up to the girl at school and laughed at her for getting r***d by her brother. Not only did this 16-17 year old girl get r***d, she got r***d by someone who is supposed to love and protect her. Then everyone finds out about it. Then this piece of s**t goes up to her and laughs in her f*****g face about it. I’ve never gone from liking someone to hating someone so fast. I hope he’s grown up and realized what a f****d up situation that was. I hope that moment that he went up to her is one of those moments that keeps him up at night and fills him with shame and regret. F**k you John.


Image source: Tiny_Pochemuchka, Ant Rozetsky / unsplash (not the actual photo)

Had a crush on my superior, and one day we were talking about the horrible and horrifying news of a girl being sa’d in a bus by a group of men and left to die. This was the New Delhi case that broke India and it was making headlines everywhere. I remarked that it was just such a horrifying news, and he said, “what time was it and what was she wearing??” At that moment all affections for him went out of the window. I was so mad at him and was this close to slapping him for making such a misogynistic statement.


Image source: ktsb, Linus Mimietz / unsplash (not the actual photo)

She threw the popcorn on the floor as we got up to leave the theater. And not like dropped the bag like flipped it and gave it a good shake for good measure .


Image source: TexasCannibalCookout, History in HD / unsplash (not the actual photo)

“Why are you voting for Obama?! Don’t you know he’s the Antichrist?!


Image source: BoogieSmools, Ketut Subiyanto / pexels (not the actual photo)

She was needlessly b****y to a waitress at a restaurant.


Image source: Positive-Ratio5472, krakenimages / unsplash (not the actual photo)

Had a crush on a girl for a little while. Then I went to a family reunion and saw her. We share great grandparents on our mother’s sides.


We’d only been dating for about two weeks. He took a long detour to take me home, and I thought it was because he wanted to spend a little more time together. So I said something like “Hey, so how come you took the long way back…” trying to be playful about it and expecting him to say something sweet. He said “Because I’m not driving through *that* neighborhood. There are too many N-words there.”

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Image source: InspiroBiro


He said if somebody ever came to him thinking about suicide that he’d tell them to stfu because mental illness isn’t real. Definitely struck me wrong and my crush disappeared so fast.

Image source: peculiarpurpleperson


When, after he had flirted with me for days both in person and over text, i suggested we make plans and he replied, “sure! not sure if this changes anything but just so you know, i’m married.”.

Image source: victorywulf


There’s a girl I met when I was 14 at Anime Expo and had this really magical romanticized innocent young love summer type of feel. These were the early days of the internet. We kept in touch over AIM and one day she sends me a video of a guy getting decapitated alive by some soldiers and she wrote “lol”.

Pretty much killed all the magic for me and stopped talking to her after that.

Image source: AllenHo


He said it’s only cheating when girls do it, not when boys do it.

Image source: PostingImpulsively


Image source: Few-Sir4415, cottonbro studio / pexels (not the actual photo)

He was 39, I asked him what his biggest age gap was while dating and he told me recently dated a 19 year old. Then went on to complain that she was lost in life and had daddy issues. Instant ick.


It was a build up of things, but one of the big things was his friend joking about how he (his friend) could have spiked my drink on a night out: he said nothing. I’m a believer in the concept that you are who you hang out with, so hearing this made me really uncomfortable.

Image source: Complete_Redo


Image source: Suzy-Skullcrusher, fauxels / pexels (not the actual photo)

I actually had a conversation with him, it stopped right after that.


Image source: ppainfull, energepic.com / pexels (not the actual photo)

Bragged about drinking and driving.


Image source: WhatsYourMoon, Vera Arsic / pexels (not the actual photo)

When he kissed me he wobbled his tongue in my mouth like some kinda lizard.


Guy everyone thought was hot and dreamy legit kicked a puppy in front of my face. Not like a football, but in a ‘you’re in my way,’ still fairly harsh, shove-with-a-foot manner.

I still hated him for it.

Years later I saw on the news he’d murdered his girlfriend in front of their toddler.

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time!

Image source: freedinthe90s


I had a crush on a boy named Troy. I first met him during summer camp in elementary school, but we lost touch. Many years went by, and in 10th grade, we discovered that we attended the same high school. I would see him around and still found him so cute; my crush on him had lasted all these years. We would hang out in group settings and occasionally catch up throughout high school, but we never hung out alone. Finally, about a month before graduation, we agreed to spend time together one-on-one for the first time.

Just for reference, I’m Black, and Troy is white. One evening, I was in his car, and we ended up making out in an In-N-Out parking lot. My heart was pounding with excitement. After we finished, he said, “God, you’d be the perfect girl if you were white.” He then went on to tell me how excited he was to go to college in Ohio because there wouldn’t be any Black people there. He thought what he said was hilarious, but I was disgusted. It was one of the rare times in my life when I was speechless. I just wanted him to drive me home, but honestly, I was frightened.

Even after we graduated, he continued to reach out to me, but I ignored him. I’m pretty sure he knew his words had offended me, which is why he kept trying to contact me. Eventually, I just blocked him. My decade-long crush on him evaporated in an instant.

Image source: Freakkzz9494


Image source: throwawayblehmeh, Maria Verkhoturtseva / pexels (not the actual photo)

When we were young, I gave her a Valentine’s card. She smiled while looking into my eyes, ripped the card without opening it & walked away while tossing it in the trash.

It hurt terribly, but it snapped me out of that hypnotic trance. I learned personality is everything & it’s best to move on quickly.


I had a crush on a pale, black-haired guy named Wyatt in high school. He looked so interesting and intensely handsome at the time. I also loved that his name was Wyatt. I grew up watching Tombstone and I thought that was the most amazing name for a guy.

One day, a new girl came to school and it started to rain. She was a harmless, free spirit type who was just happy experiencing life. Totally inoffensive and a little loopy, but genuinely sweet.

It started to rain outside and she, little nature-loving spirit that she was, was kind of wheeling around in the rain, enjoying herself, feeling the water, indulging in petrichor, and a group of us were watching from the porch. Wyatt, who up until then had seemed like an accepting, kind person, announced, “I hope that dumb b***h gets hit by a car.”

That was my first lesson in understanding that people you think are beautiful are not at all beautiful. Some of them are just hateful. I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with him after he dropped that bon mot.

Image source: bantling00

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