Angry Owl Candle Burns Away To Reveal An Aluminum Skeleton

Published 9 years ago

The owl is the most regal predator of the night. To honor them, Robert Scott of Skeleton Candles is making owl candles with a spooky surprise inside. Yes, his new project, Angry Owl, is all about angry owl skeletons. On the outside, the 100% paraffin wax candle looks like normal owl shaped candle. Maybe not even that angry for an owl. But as the candle slowly burns away (Kickstarter page promises 30+ hours of burning), an owl skeleton is revealed! It looks foul tempered, just like any other skeleton. However, it is made from laser cut aluminum, putting it far ahead of his more calcium-based competitors.

Robert Scott has already had a very successful Kickstarter last year when he pitched an idea of a gummy bear candle. And not just any gummy bear candle – this one had a snarling bear skeleton inside! It also a very, very big candle – bigger than any gummy bear that you would want to eat.

And of course, you shouldn‘t eat owls. Or burn them, for that matter.

Want more funky candles, some of which may or may not have skeletons? Click here!

More info: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (h/t: laughingsquid)

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