20 Small Things That Could Greatly Benefit You In The Future If Turned Into Habits, As Shared In This Online Group

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They say it’s all about the little things. It really is, innit? Eventually, small things lead to big changes. Sometimes one might think that nothing changes in their day-to-day life, yet, so many things are different from a year ago. People undervalue how certain mundane things actually affect one’s life. And it’s usually only years later that the people realize that it’s small lifestyle changes that eventually lead to a mentally and physically healthier and better future.

Someone on Reddit was interested to learn more about this, so they asked, “What small habits make a huge difference in the long run?” And loads of people delivered straightforward yet very sensible tips that benefited them in life. Likely that you have already heard of these, but perhaps reading about them one more time will be just enough to fit them into your lifestyle? Let’s see!

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#1 Making Your Bed In The Mornings

Image source: Wall_clinger, Trysil

Making your bed in the morning. It takes 3 minutes, and it makes your room look neat and presentable, as well as giving you the feeling that you accomplished something for the day. It’s easy from there to just let that productive feeling snowball into being productive in other areas in your life.

#2 Take The Stairs Whenever Possible

Image source: thestonez, Rex Roof

Take the stairs, if you have a choice.

#3 Wearing Sunscreen Daily

Image source: GiantSequoiaTree, iwona_kellie

Wearing daily face cream with sunscreen UV protection.

#4 Water Is The Way To Go. Always

Image source: agarzola, Alabama Extension

Drink water instead of pretty much anything else.

Except coffee. I’m not a monster.

#5 If You’re Out, Replace It

Image source: cucucumin, George Redgrave

Replacing items before they run out. E.g.. detergent, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.

#6 Emanate Positivity

Image source: anon, Tiago Silveira

Positively impact someone’s day. And I think that’s a small habit, because you don’t have to do anything huge.

You could go really simple and just give a random, genuine compliment. “I like that jacket.”

You could go slightly more advanced and compliment someone to someone else. “Man, Martha has been killing it lately with her work.” There’s a chance the compliment gets back to her. But even if not, you’re boosting your image to the person you said that to, because of your willingness to compliment others.

You could do a slightly more advanced move like complimenting someone in the form of requesting their expertise. “Sam, you seem to really understand pivot tables in Excel. If you have time, do you mind showing me how they work?”

All 3 of those tactics are *slightly* manipulative, because you have to consciously manufacture those moments with regularity, at least at first. But they breed nothing but benefits. The other person feels better. You feel better. And you’re easing that gap that separates people, unless one takes the initiative of lessening it.

#7 Don’t Drink Soda

Image source: MoreTubaNeeded, Mike Mozart

Stop drinking soda. In the long run, soda is bad for you and after a while of not drinking you will realize that it tastes too sweet.

#8 Read Books. Every Month

Image source: DamskoHz, Mauricio Sepulveda

A book a month

#9 Saying “Please” And “Thank You”

Image source: SkyGuardianOfTheSky, Orin Zebest

Getting into the habit of saying please and thank you. I’ve seen endless horror stories about people in retail getting sh*t on by ungrateful and rude customers, so I made a resolve to try and be as amicable and cooperative whenever I can.

And it really made a difference. It really helps smooth things along when both people are working together to get things done as efficiently as possible. It’s a great feeling helping make someone’s day easier. Goes to show a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

#10 Floss. Not The Dance. With Actual Teeth

Image source: who_got_the_hooch, Electric Teeth

Flossing. There are a lot of people who don’t floss, but it’s an important habit to get into. Once you start flossing, you’ll feel gross when you don’t do it.

#11 Eat Less Sugar. Or Substitute It

Image source: anon, Andrei!

Mine is less sugar intake. The amount that most people eat is really disruptive to our bodies. Instead of getting that ice cream, get a yogurt or fruit. :)

#12 Move Things Around As You Navigate Your Home

Image source: Enilorac89, Advait Supnekar

Every time you leave a room take something that doesn’t belong there and put it away. As soon as it is a habit you’re house will stay tidy.

#13 Hygiene Is Key

Image source: thinkscotty, Ori Navott

Most things related to hygiene. Brushing teeth, showering daily, washing your clothes regularly. Hygiene is the #1 thing that the opposite sex cares about, and the first thing people notice.

#14 Do The Dishes Before Bed

Image source: penguinPS, Alabama Extension

Doing dishes at night so I wake up to a clean sink and clean dishes. I live in a tiny studio and don’t have a dishwasher so this makes a big difference for me.

#15 Sleep Can Go A Long Way

Image source: Noorquacker, Roberto Severo

Sleep well.

It isn’t even the long run, the next morning you’ll become 10x better.

#16 Save Money Now

Image source: anon, OTA Photos

Saving money.

I have lost count of how many people who got themselves into serious debt simply because they spend more than what’s necessary.

#17 The “2-Minute” Rule, Get Small, Short Tasks Done Along The Way

Image source: anon, Marco Verch Professional P

2 minute rule.

If you see something that needs doing that will take 2 minutes or less, go ahead and do it. Put away those clothes. Pick up that toy as you walk by. Empty that dishwasher when you go to get a drink. Scoop the litterbox when you go to take a p**s.

Things will stay neater, you’ll be more organized, and you’ll find you have more time in the long run for stuff you want to do, instead of having to take care of stuff you’ve been putting off.

#18 The “No Zero Days” Concept, Try To Get At Least Something Done Daily

Image source: Virginia_Blaise, Pedro Ribeiro Simões

The concept of no zero days. On days when I’m feeling lazy and unproductive, I try to do something even if it’s as simple reading or cleaning my room for 5 minutes.

#19 Exercise Regularly Throughout The Week

Image source: -notJohnThough-, Christine Cockett

Exercise at least 3-5 times a week. You don’t need to train like a an Olympic athlete. Going for a walk or jog is good enough. Do pushups and crunches right after you get up. As long as you get your heart rate up.

Small steps, it’ll all add up.

#20 Maintain A Strict Sleep Schedule

Image source: SammyGeorge, Clint Gardner

Wake up at the same time. Every. Single. Day. Even on weekends. You stop waking up tired and start waking up naturally before your alarm.

Yes, I’m well aware this doesn’t work for everyone.

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