People Are Trying Out The New Genderswap Snapchat Filter And Getting Hilarious Results (30 Pics)

Published 5 years ago

Just last week Snapchat introduced a new filter that changes your gender – and the users went nuts! Guys and girls were using the filter to see the alternate versions of themselves and some even used it to prank their friends!

Immediately after this new filter came out, people realized how many new opportunities for all sorts of shenanigans it provided. From creating fake Tinder profiles to pranking their significant others – check out the most hilarious results people got using the new genderswap filter in the gallery below!


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Image source: Layne_Marie__


Image source: MohimenMahbuba


Image source: mark_a_valdez


Image source: wheeler_anna


Image source: rhymewithrachel


Image source: virg0boy


Image source: DylanParkerNash


Image source: SirenMika


Image source: Rydo Cnoc


Image source: Boredpersonful


Image source: sssniperwolf


Image source: EoinJLeahy


Image source: haley_mccluskey


Image source: samreich


Image source: callumjpf


Image source: lesbrian24


Image source: DadBodGaming18


Image source: shadesofsophh


Image source: AberasturiAaron


Image source: ziqqix


Image source: juanfinlow


Image source: Seinfeld2000


Image source: JoshOG


Image source: migotraspe


Image source: lopezchuy9


Image source: klephki


Image source: AlyMichelleL


Image source: Rob


Image source: JoeyPokeaim


Image source: ArabellaGolby

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