“Love Me A Good Nose-Pickin’”: 25 Socially Unacceptable Facts People Live With

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We all carry within us aspects of ourselves that we deem socially unacceptable. Whether it’s unconventional desires, past mistakes, or unconventional beliefs, these hidden truths often remain tightly guarded. Fear of judgment, rejection, or societal norms can lead us to conceal these facets of our identity. Yet, acknowledging and accepting these complexities within ourselves can foster deeper self-understanding and empathy towards others grappling with their own hidden truths.

Inspired by a user named u/BoredHypnotist, members of the anonymous r/AskReddit community shared their most “socially unacceptable” truths about themselves. These are the kinds of revelations that are rarely aired in public. Take a look below to uncover the diverse array of secrets individuals harbour. It serves as a gentle nudge for all of us to cultivate empathy, resist judgment, and embrace kindness in our interactions.

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#1 I have no idea how to manage friendships. I have friends and I’m friendly…. But sometimes I forget to text back and if they don’t call or re text I could go months with no contact. Unless I find something funny to share then I’m sending it to everyone.

Image source: bridge_the_war, Simon Maage

#2 I think babies are ugly as hell.

Image source: Vanman04, Nathan Dumlao

#3 I ignore texts and calls. It starts with “I’ll respond later” and then after awhile I feel like it’s been too long to reply so I don’t. It’s not malicious but I assume it feels that way to others.

Image source: Glowingtomato, Jamie Street

#4 I like candy corn.

Image source: ComesInAnOldBox, Mary Jane Duford

#5 I would deliberately pretend that i don’t hear people calling me or asking me stuff in social situations. Also in a crowd when people are chitchatting in a circle, i zone out if im not interested.

Image source: lonelygalexy, Jakob Dalbjörn

#6 I’m fat.

Image source: HornetParticular6625, Towfiqu barbhuiya

#7 I am a woman who is willingly sterilized.

Image source: iamthegreyest, Toa Heftiba

#8 I’m very very happy to get home after work and stay in bed for the rest of the day, most days of the week.

Image source: TheTwistedToast

#9 That I come off as “cold” when I’m not masking

But man….sometimes I really am tired of masking. My reactions feel so fake to me and I can’t stand it. But everyone else seems to love it so…whatever ig.

Image source: LinaValentina

#10 I’ll leave. I’ll just go home and love it.

Image source: HerezahTip

#11 I hate working but that doesn’t mean i’m lazy. I live my life by doing a bunch of side huddles and love it. I make about $10k/year but I have everything i need: food, shelter, and a wonderful community. I “work” about two months a year but otherwise i lay on the beach with a joint in my hand and a cat on my lap.

Image source: hunnnyybunnny, cottonbro studio

#12 I’m a 38 year old man who sleeps with stuffed animals.

Image source: CorgiDaddy42, zelle duda

#13 I had a baby at 17, got pregnant again a few years later, and could not afford another child. My sibling, who could not have children, adopted my baby.

Image source: maliekins, Guillaume de Germain

#14 I used to practice facial expressions as a child because i was always told i was robotic and expressionless(by my parents, no less) and studied how the popular kids at school acted so i could make friends. i think i’m autistic but i’m scared sometimes that people would just assume i’m a psychopath.

Image source: PositiveCompetition8, cottonbro studio

#15 My parents are cousins. Nobody (outside the family) knows. No adverse effect on the kids (although I AM on Reddit a lot…).

Image source: _Halboro_, Justin Groep

#16 I have taken human lives. Sure, during military service, but just the same.

Image source: GamingTrend, Thang Cao

#17 I don’t take care of my hygiene as much as I should. Especially when it comes to showering and brushing my teeth. It’s not that I don’t care, but depression makes it hard as hell sometimes.

Image source: pillarofmyth

#18 I have Tourette’s, including coprolalia/swearing tics. I’m very lucky though, because I seem to fit in pretty well in restaurant kitchens, and I love that line of work ?.

Image source: Honkhonk81, Tima Miroshnichenko

#19 Being borderline sociopathic for a profession

I’ve become “jaded” to seeing death, the mentally perturbed, physically traumatic injuries that you would only see in movies, even the downright depressing scenes, the list goes on.

The type of things people should only have to witness behind their screens or even only once in there life; I’ve adjusted to seeing in person on a weekly basis. It’s to the point I can’t call myself normal as I end up laughing to the most f****d up jokes.

Call it dark humor or a “coping mechanism” but if the event just happened, normal people would be mortified.

Its a bittersweet profession as a paramedic with high call volumes. I get a peek into everyones emergencies when they’re at their lowest and often times these calls rub off on us (even the bs calls), but at the end of the day when s**t hits the fan, It’s their emergency and not ours.

Better yet we have a hand in helping them physically and mentally. I have to tell people their loved ones are gone, but I get to convey it in the best way to let them heal the fastest. I have people who try to commit s*****e, but I get to save them when they or a loved one makes the call. I have people living the s**ttiest day of their life, but knowing it would’ve been their last if I hadn’t came, makes it worthwhile.

Image source: Wafered

#20 Love me a good nose-pickin!

Image source: FroggiJoy87

#21 I don’t like talking. It’s not that I’m afraid to talk, I just prefer to stay quiet most of the time. Unfortunately, we live in a world that requires you to talk a lot if you want to make connections.

Image source: WhatAreYouSaying05, Clay Banks

#22 I have no friends and am comfortable being alone. Prepared to die that way too :D.

Image source: Unlucky-Confection73

#23 I’m a girl and I grow out my leg hair due to being harassed by an 80 year old man who said I had “pretty legs” when I was 11, so I guess I decided that just never going to happen again.

Image source: matryoshka_03

#24 I was one of the last kids to have ever been a patient in an insane asylum here in the US. The one I was in closed down in 1993.

Image source: OneF**kedWarthog, Jon Butterworth

#25 I’m autistic, and nine times out of ten i forgot that when people ask me for my opinion or input on something that they actually want the opinion that caters to theirs.

Image source: Jaded_Advertising_30









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