Dad Turns Sons’ Doodles Into Detailed Anime Characters

Published 7 years ago

As far as awesome dads go, French illustrator (now based in Tokyo), Thomas Romain, is a pretty good example of it. He’s been using his professional drawing skills at home on the series he calls ‘Father and Sons Design Workshop’, where he turns his kids’ doodles into detailed anime characters.

Thomas worked on various anime series such as Symphogear, Space Dandy, Aria, and Basquash!, and it really shows when he applies awesome details to the awesome ideas by his kids. The results are cyborgs, knights, and all the other awesome anime fare. Take a look!

More info: twitter (h/t: rocketnewsboredpanda)

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Steampunk doctor

Eye Monster

Magic Knight


What will Thomas and his kids come up with next?

For more anime transitions, take a look at these photos turned into anime drawings.


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