Bathe In Vader’s Tears With Star Wars Showerheads

Published 9 years ago

Is the Force with you in your shower, too? Now it can be with Oxygenics showerheads! They come in two varieties: Darth Vader’s head and R2-D2. The showerheads feature Oxygenics’ technology that infuses water with more oxygen, allowing for a stronger stream with less water. Save money, save water, and show everyone what a nerd you are!

These showerheads have a lot of common features, like an anti-clog nozzle. R2-D2 is a fixed shower head while the “crying Vader” has a handle. There’s a slight price difference: R2-D2 costs $25 and Vader goes for $30. It’s the perfect bathroom accessory to use before going to sleep in your Millennium Falcon bed.

More info: (h/t: gizmodo)

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