35 Funny, Bizarre, And Ridiculous Things People Found In Thrift Stores That Got Featured On This Instagram Page

Published 8 months ago

The world of second-hand shopping is a treasure trove of surprises, where one person’s trash can become another person’s treasure. Thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and online marketplaces are teeming with fantastic and sometimes downright weird discoveries waiting to be stumbled upon.

The Instagram page Weird Second-Hand Finds delves into some incredible stories of people who found remarkable and bizarre second-hand items that were simply too good not to share. Check out some of their most interesting posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Picked Up This Dapper Guy Today From Our Local Buy And Sell, Set Him Up In Our Bathroom To Hold Extra Tp Then Waited For My Husband To Come Home ? Frog Butler, He’s So Fancy

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

LegendsNeverDIE : “I’ve seen this little dude before!! He reminds of Barkley from modern family lol”

#2 Found This Incredible Frog Tea Set At A Shop I Unfortunately Cannot Remember The Name Of In Wilmington, Nc. Has Since Inspired My Manic Pursual Of A Frog Tea Party

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Rose the Cook : “The expression on the cups.”

Cassidy Moore : “Put some cranberry juice in them cups and boom, that’s autumn 🐸🍁”

#3 Hubby Found This Lovely Find At Our Local Thrift Store. Yes It Came Homs With Us. Trying To Decided If The Chair Was Reupholstered Or If This Is How It Was Originally Purchased. I Can Find The Material But Not Can’t Find A Chair Like This With The Material On It

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Sandra Morison : “It’s been re upholstered”

#4 Found In A Thrift Store Today. A Couple Of My Cats Are Concerned About 5g And Alien Mind Probes. I Definitely Brought This Home

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Snoopy the Great : “Dog ESP”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “We do NOT approve of hats, not even crinkly ones.”

alwaysMispelled : “Pretty sure I saw this at Books-A-Million, or somewhere with awesome random s**t”

#5 Tag The One Who Would Rock These

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Blue Bunny of Happiness : “Perfect for our spines are strong and stable talk at work!”

#6 Take My Money

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Mycroft1967 : “Don’t let the cups kraken the holder. Be gentle, it’s a squid-pro-quo thing.”

#7 My Newest Goodwill Find ❤? For $8 I Couldn’t Say No! – Goodwill Brunswick, Oh

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Mycroft1967 : “Nice. But may make you feel sluggish.”

Zoey Rayne : “I used to have a similar lamp in my room as a kid. I spent many nights staying up late and reading by the light of a snail shell.”

#8 My Favourite Thrift Ever! $2.00 Found This One A While Back, This Week I Finally Got Around To Hanging It Up

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

VonBlade : “YES! Come round so I can check you’re alive, stay long enough for a cuppa, then leave immediately.”

James S : “I’m sorry you came over”

#9 This Beauty Showed Up On The Local Marketplace Looking For A New Home, And How Could I Resist?

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

VonBlade : “Blimey, a whole car in a marketplace. Great find, Mr Bear.”

Bored Birgit : “Hey, will you please buckle his seatbelt, will you?”

#10 Behold! My Precious Stegosaurus Teapot, Cream And Sugar, Salt And Pepper, And — Most Fabulous And Impressive Of All — Napkin Rings! All I Need Now Are The Stegosaurus Mugs. Are They Not The Cutest?

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

LegendsNeverDIE : “I’m in loveee”

LokisLilButterknife : “Those are dinomite!”

#11 I Went Out Junkin And Found This Treasure At A Local Resale Spot For 99 Cents. ? I Think I’m In Love

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “I see the kitten has graced OP with his glorious butt.”

LokisLilButterknife : “That is pretty darn adorable!”

#12 Saw This Today At Habitat For Humanity In Kelso Washington, It’s Still There ? Thought It Was Funny And Very True

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Mycroft1967 : “Duh duh duhhhhhhh…the plot chickens.”

QuirkyKittyGirl : “I keep looking at it, waiting for the punch line.”

#13 I See The Chicken Purses. And Raise You A Toadly Hilarious Purse. Still At Goodwill. Wi

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

WindySwede : “Great place for your Toad-do list!”

LittleWombat : “Why is this not mine?!?!?!?”

#14 I Found These Thrifting Today! They Glow In The Dark

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

EmiTheEpic : “Katy Perry cats! Epic!”

#15 Things That Get Turned Into A Lamp? A Family Member Found This Encyclopedia Set That His Friend Was Throwing Out…and He Transformed Them Into A Floor Lamp! The Book Worm Was Found At A Resale Shop A Long Time Ago!

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Vanessa Richardson : ““Book worm” lol”

Dee Rutherford : “Oh! Add this to my library pile, with the lamp and card catalog”

#16 Got A Mcdonald’s Sign Off Fb Marketplace And Painted It Pink And Put It In My House!

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Sum Guy : “It really fits the aesthetic”

Marilyn Holt : “Oh and I LOVE that bookcase thingy. You have a lot of amazing finds.”

Ricardo Ferreira : “Straight from Barbieworld”

#17 Behold! Pg. 80 Of Anne Of Green Gables Printed On A Wooden Canvas. ? Found At The Goodwill In Milford, De Of Course It Came Home With Me!

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

majandess : “I am so feeling this quote right now. I love Octobers, too.”

#18 While Driving Through The Neighborhood Found This Laying On The Curb Couldn’t Believe It Wasent Broke Just Needed Bulbs Absolutely Love It

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Sharon A Mutuma : “This is a Turkish Lantern. You can order from Amazon and they actually ship quickly from Turkey. We have 4 in different sizes. Every one loves them, so beautiful.”

Alexia : “Awww, I’ve seen such lamps in the great bazaar in Istanbul”

Emotional Support Velociraptor : “Great find, can’t believe anyone would just abandon such a beautiful lamp thing.”

#19 Went To Several Area Thrift Stores With My Sister Today. Found This Set At Vintage Vibes In Chesapeake Va

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Ditto : ” Appliances with attitude”

#20 Found In Lancaster Pa Thrift Store. It Came Home With Me For $4

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Christy Arington : “This looks like Lil Bub.”

#21 Found At A Antique Mall In Arlington Tx. My Wife Collects Odd Salt And Pepper Shaker

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Juan Something(downvotevictim) : “Can only fit a couple of shakes worth in there…but that’s awesome”

#22 Goodwill Find

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Sum Guy : “Seems like something a chicken would say inorder to keep the truth away from us… It’s c**k propaganda”

Gibberint Dark : “We the people have right to know WHY the chicken CROSSED the road…”

#23 Picked Up Someone’s Celestial Dish Collection For $40 Off Facebook Marketplace. Mugs Bowls, Plates, Salt And Pepper Shakers, And Even Light Switch Covers! So Incredibly Happy To See Only A Handful Of Them Are Non Dishwasher/Microwave/Food Safe

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Na Schi : “Instant flashback to the 90s.”

Chewie Baron : “I can suddenly hear Tears For Fears singing ‘The Seeds Of Love’.”

#24 Saw At The Di In Idaho Falls Today. You Know There Was Drama In This Office !

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Juan Something(downvotevictim) : “Rickie or Randy sold Jack’s 3 hole punch…”

#25 “This Wonderful Secondhand Find Is Courtesy Of Fb Marketplace Here In Missouri. The Lovely Couple I Bought It From Said It Originally Came From A Library In Fort Smith Ar. We Have Named It Dewy And Filled A Single Drawer With Ketchup Packets. Unsure Of What We Will Do With The Other 59 Drawers.”

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

LionPaws_and_RadarEars : “I hope they remembered which drawer the packets are in! I’d be so tempted to move them to another and start a game of hunt the ketchup.”

Amanda Rose : “I love card catalogues! I would love to have one to store my stitching supplies in at some point.”

Joshua David : “You can make it an advent calendar with some amazing gifts in it. Its fun to do a countdown to your favorite important day!”

#26 For My 80s Lovers.. Found This In A Random Box In My Mom’s Attic. E.t. Comb, Brush, & Set From 1982

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Marija S : “I didn’t know this existed. I love it 😍”

#27 My Best Friend Knows Me So Well, And Picked This Up For Me In Her Neighborhood. I’m Soooo In Love And Cant Wait To Make A Cute Cushion For It

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Sandra Morison : “This is beautiful”

Gary : “I am always tempted to put these signs on other peoples stuff lol.”

#28 Found This Spoon Today At Hospice Thrift In California

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

FoxThatHasFennecaphobia : “The description is perfect”

#29 “Rainbow Brite Kitchen Set I Saw At A Kids Consignment Sale Today. I Loved Rainbow Brite When I Was Little, Made Me So Nostalgic! $25 And $35 For Each Piece. Seemed To Be Made Of Tin? Interesting!

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Amanda Rose : “My sister would have been obsessed with this! She loved Rainbow Brite!”

Firstname Lastname : “We had a set like these in our basement when I was growing up, filled with fake food. Never watched Rainbow Brite but it was a hoot!”

#30 I Collect And Love All Things Spooky, So When I Saw This Memento Mori Behind The Counter Of My Favorite Thrift Shop I Was About Hyperventilating. Best $15 Ever Spent.

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

Jane No Dough : “It makes me sad, but at the same time happy it didn’t end up in the trash.”

#31 Got This Great Lamp For My Reading Room At The Second Hand Store Grove Depot In Locust Grove Ga. I Love It . Got It Home And Saw It Had The Name Of American Artist Charles Wysocki. I Paid $60 And I Think Its Value Is Much Higher

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

#32 Today I Hit The Jackpot Though! I Was At A Garage Sale And Spotted These Adorable Monster Planters, Immediately Lost My Mind

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

#33 This Is Definitely The Weirdest And Most Wonderful Find I’ve Ever Had. I Found It On A Local For Sale Site Similar To Craigslist Last Fall. It’s A Vintage Ibex Ram Head Table And It Made All My Dining Room Dreams Come True!

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

#34 Hit Up An Estate Sale In Milwaukee Yesterday And Snagged This Set And Omg I’m In Love

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

#35 Found These 26 Spicy Little Cats At A Missouri Thrift Store.around 60$ For Everything. St Roberts Missouri

Image source: weirdsecondhandfinds

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