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10+ Times Strangers Were Asked To Take Someone’s Picture And Disappointed Everyone After

Published 3 years ago

#11 This Sweet Old Man Offered To Take A Picture Of Rickey And I This Morning In SF. They Came Out Great!

Image source: stephnutty

#12 Asked A Lady To Take A Picture Of Me And My GF On Holiday… It Was Only After I Checked The Picture…

Image source: Lewie_lewie_1

#13 A Stranger Offered To Take A Photo Of Us On The Summit Of Tryfan. Good Work Sir!

Image source: MaccaBill

#14 Asked A Really Tall Guy To Take A Picture Of Me At The Top Of A Mountain On My Hike Yesterday And…

Image source: biancalibbon

#15 The Other Night We Asked A Lady To Take A Photo Of Us, But The Camera Was The Wrong Way And She Took This Masterpiece

Image source: eda_zorbozan

#16 Still Chuckling At This: We Asked A Passer-By To Take A Picture Of Us With The Statue Of Liberty…

Image source: maestroben1

#17 When You Ask A Stranger To Take A Picture Of Your Family And She Forgets You Have A Son

Image source: FightTheFallen

#18 After 3 Days Of Hiking Mt. Guiting Guiting In The Philippines, We Rewarded Ourselves With A Nice Dip In A “Pool”. We Asked A Local To Take A Picture Of Us All Refreshed From Our Adventure. I Specifically Asked Her To Please Make Sure To Include The Background In The Picture And Yep She Did! Did Not Disappoint

Image source: yanna.riana

#19 I Asked A Tourist To Take A Photo Of Us With The Three Sisters

Image source: sonianni_

#20 An Old Woman Saw Us Walking Together And Asked Us If She Wanted Her To Take A Picture Of Us But She Didn’t Know It Was On Panoramic

Image source: ariannejoness


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