This Artist Showed What 23 Famous Characters Would Buy At The Supermarket

Published 5 years ago

Linda Bouderbala is a French art director and illustrator based in Paris. In one of her latest projects, she tried imagining what famous fictional characters would buy at the supermarket. “In our consumeristic society, I wondered what they could buy if they could do their shopping just like us in a supermarket… With all those mass market products within easy reach,” pondered the artist.

From Bender buying a case of beer to Chewbacca buying shampoo, the artist’s illustrations will surely put a smile on your face. Check them out in the gallery below and see more of Linda’s colorful illustrations here!

More info: Linda BouderbalaInstagram

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#1 Deadpool And Unicorn Soft Toy

#2 Pennywise And Red Balloons

#3 Mario And Mushrooms

#4 Rapunzel And Detangler

#5 Popeye And Spinach

#6 Minions And Bananas

#7 Sadness And Tissues

#8 Catwoman And Cat Litter

#9 Olaf And Carrots

#10 Chewbacca And Shampoo

#11 Master Roshi And “TV” Magazine

#12 Ryuk And Apples

#13 Shaggy And Tape Rolls

#14 Jigglypuff And Markers

#15 Baymax And Scotch Tape

#16 Bender And Beer

#17 Professor Utonium And Sugar

#18 Rick And Pickles

#19 Bob Parr And Cookies

#20 Cinderella And Pumpkin

#21 April O’neil And Pizzas

#22 Pikachu And Ketchup

#23 Poison Ivy And Weedkiller

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