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30 Times People Were Completely Surprised By The Inner Contents Of These Objects

Published 3 weeks ago

There is something fascinating about uncovering what’s hidden beneath the surface. From toys to household appliances, when we see something that’s closed off to us, we can’t help but wonder what’s hiding inside.

In some cases, when we finally get a glimpse inside, we’re surprised by what we find. And sometimes, that surprise comes from unexpected places. Here are some objects that surprised people when they looked inside them.

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#1 The Squeaker From Inside Her Dog Toy Has Declared Her The Winner

Image source: MissShananigansbong

#2 The Inside Of This Guitar Looks Like A Really Fancy Apartment

Image source: VarneyKing

#3 My Firewood Had A Pine Cone Inside The Tree

Image source: nzscion

#4 My Dog Finally Finished Her Favorite Toy Tonight, Only To Find There Was A Smaller, Even More Squeaky Toy Inside

Image source: fluorescent_noir

#5 Picked Up An Old Clam Beside A Lake In South Australia And Found A Small Colony Of Plants Inside, Living Off Of The Nutrients

Image source: gNomad88

#6 Cross-Section Of A Poppy Flower Before Blooming

Image source: Mush4Brains-

#7 What’s Inside The Breast Implant?

Image source: KAMINSKYI

#8 Cross-Section Of Several Different Cables

Image source: CHooTZ

#9 Inside Of A Mechanical Calculator

Image source:

#10 The Tigers On These Socks Look Like House Cats When Turned Inside Out

Image source: The_RockObama

#11 A Bowling Ball With Its Inside Exposed. I Found In The Woods

Image source: Imthasupa

#12 The Inside Of A Pine Cone

Image source: SteveHarveysTalkingMustache

#13 My Sister Found This Tiny Egg Inside Her Hard-Boiled Egg

Image source: galafem

#14 The Inside Of An HDMI Cable

Image source: biwook

#15 The Wine I Ordered Online Came With A Tiny Set Of Dice Packaged Inside A Hollow Cork

Image source: Calliope719

#16 The Inside Of A Cactus

Image source: Zavalac03

#17 Cross-Section Of Our Painter’s 1-Year-Old Stir Stick

Image source: infernal2ss

#18 Elephant’s Foot

Image source: sverdrupian

#19 The Inside Of My Red Onion Looks Like A Lotus Flower

Image source: Ban_Pending

#20 Cut In Half Cables Used In The Golden Gate Bridge

Image source: Michael_Scofield91

#21 Bit Into A Wonderful Surprise Today And Learned About The Delicious Lucy Glo Apple. The Best Apple I Have Ever Had

Image source: SnowgogalAlaska

#22 Had To Cut A Sunflower In Half Today At Work, Thought It Might Be Appreciated Here

Image source: Charissh

#23 A Cross-Section Of A Professional Painter’s Palette (6 Months Deep)

Image source: wWOVOWw

#24 The Inside Of My Inflatable Air Mattress

Image source: -who_knows-

#25 Accidentally Cut Open A Cheap Kid’s Baseball With My Lawn Mower

Image source: Jamchampnate2000

#26 The Inside Of This Golf Ball Looks Like A Boiled Egg

Image source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#27 The Inside Of An IKEA Desk Top

Image source: Insanim8er

#28 This Is A Tree Burning From The Inside In Oregon, USA. Don’t Let The Rain Fool You

Image source: Pyrovixen

#29 I Cut Into A Cantaloupe And The Inside Was Square

Image source: alisonj143

#30 This Cedar Wood That I Was Cutting Had Purple Inside

Image source: Finn1118

Saumya Ratan

Saumya loves to explore beautiful, crazy, and wholesome stuff on the internet. She seeks to find something interesting in everything and strives to share her inspirations and explorations with people all over the world.

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