This Company Creates Incredible Sword-Like Keys For Your Fortress

Published 4 years ago

Hero’s Armory is a company started by Brian Hermansen & Blake Peel back in 2015. It specializes in turning your regular old house keys into unique sword-shaped keys that look like items from your favorite video fantasy RPG. After all, why unlock your front door with a regular run-of-the-mill key, when you can use a tiny Excalibur?

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Hero’s Armory creates unique fantasy RPG-inspired keys for your home

Image credits: Hero’s Armory

Hero’s Armory was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that was supported by thousands of backers.

Image credits: Hero’s Armory

A single key will set you back $12.99 and they come in a variety of different designs every fantasy geek will recognize, ranging from the Hero’s sword from The Legend of Zelda, to the Gunblade Revolver from Final Fantasy.

Image credits: Hero’s Armory

The creators of Hero’s Armory say that the company was born out of wanting to hold onto something that constantly reminded them of their childhood heroes.

Image credits: Hero’s Armory

Looking at these unique keys makes me kind of sad that Spider-Man didn’t have some sort of sword.

Image credits: Hero’s Armory

Hero’s Armory offers all of their designs in Kwikset and Schlage types, and limited designs on the Yale and Weiser types of keys.

Image credits: Hero’s Armory

And just in case a key is not enough for you, the company also makes fantasy video game-inspired tie clips, USB drives and bottle openers.

Image credits: Hero’s Armory

People loved the unique keys

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