Table manners: That never go out of style

Published 8 years ago

Every time you meet people of your choice for some dinner, lunch or a brunch, good food, good music and good company is not all that is required to make that get together special. No matter how carefree and jovial as a person you are, but there is always need to follow a set of protocols to maintain a good image. It simply is very turning off, when you step out of your home well dressed and behave well, but due to any reason, fall short to follow table etiquette, then every good you do gets negated on the whole. So here is a list of all the basic rule, that one must abide by as a guest and as a host, on the Stylish Wooden Tables:

1. Follow your host and greet him or her in the first place. Just try to be very polite and comfortable with everybody around.

2. Let your host make the first move to take you to the dinner table and do not just enter the party and occupy the table. You will get extra marks if you let your adults be seated first and help the elderly. Try to move the chair in and out of the place without making that unpleasant scrape, and if you can put the chair back in place after you are done, then you are great!

3. Try to sit straight on the chair without placing those pesky elbows on the table. Try to make the correct use of the napkins and the cutlery.

4. Wait for a green signal before you start taking giant bites of food. Check the host, or see whether everybody else has got the dish served on their plate or not. But if there is a large number of people sitting for the buffet, do not hesitate in starting first in that case.

5. Pass the dishes served on the table in a counterclockwise direction so that the right hand is used for serving. Do not just take your share and start eating, offer people first, if not everyone, then at least the people sitting on the either side of your chair. If people ask you to pass the table salt or pepper, pass it!

6. If you can reach what you want, then stretch your arm and get it, but if you can not get it, do no try to be the Superman and disturb everyone sitting next to you.

7. Do not eat with your mouth opening wide, thus making other people puke in disgust! Try not to make noises as well.

8. When you have to speak on the phone or are reminded of something, then simply say ”Excuse me! I will be back!”, Do not give all the reasons and stories there, because no one is interested. Just get up without making noise, keep the napkin next to your plate, and not on the chair, and then leave.

9. While you are eating, try to make the environment light and happy, your host will love you for that. Try to make healthy conversation with everybody around!

10. If you are offered with a plateful of dishes that you do not like, do not make faces and try to take a little bit. Just for the sake of humanity! But if something you love to eat reaches you, do not lose your poise and try to maintain the decorum, by taking one slice a time.

These were the basic rules, we must follow on the table, that makes your host feel happy about inviting you, and also you get some good remarks! After all, a personality looks attractive if and only if all that they do is just very perfect.

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