25 Tattoo Cover-Ups That Are Quite Impressive

Published 7 months ago

Tattoos are powerful forms of self-expression, but not every inked journey is without its bumps. Whether due to changing tastes, a regrettable decision, or simply evolving preferences, individuals often find themselves seeking the artistry of tattoo cover-ups to transform their old ink into new masterpieces.

The Fixed Tattoos subreddit has become a digital gallery showcasing remarkable transformations, where talented artists breathe fresh life into faded or unwanted tattoos. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 From A Spur-Of-The-Moment Tattoo At 18 That I Had Often Forgotten About To A Beautiful Tattoo That I’m Proud Of

Image source: salted-avocados

Session 1 of cover-up completed by Dora Billmyer at Higher Ground Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV

#2 Large Scale Blackwork Cover Up Client Was Relieved To Have This Old Image Gone

Image source: [deleted]

AtMostTheFabulist : “Wow, that is amazing. Great job!”

#3 Absolute Witchcraft By Ange Pele At Cloak And Daggers Tattoo In London

Image source: sh0000k

Matthews : “Whoa! Magical!”

Foxglove🇮🇪 : “I can’t even tell what the original was meant to be”

#4 Finally Got Part Of My Coverup Done

Image source: TheBeardedDan

Robert Beveridge : “Somewhere in Sweden, Ville Valo is weeping”

#5 Chaos Wheel Before And After (Same Artist ~20yrs Apart)

Image source: JimmySnuff

fionna live your bi truth : “Wow! They really improved!”

#6 Got This Coverup Today

Image source: planttattoo

Hello it Smee : “What is the original supposed to be?”

#7 Process Of Covering Up A Tattoo That I Wasn’t Happy With

Image source: jayelkay

Cecilia Herrera : “Beautiful work! You would never know that this a cover-up.”

Robin DJW : “Excellent design choice and flawless execution. Congrats.”

#8 How Good Will Cover Up Tattoo Like This Look After It’s Healed Up?

Image source: g20richasan

AtMostTheFabulist : “That purple is beautiful”

Linda Gilliam : “The artist is very talented. Beautiful cover-up. 🦄”

#9 My Space Sleeve Was Just Finished

Image source: pidude314

GoGoPDX : “That is out of this world! I mean it totally eclipses the originals and the artist has astronomical talent!”

Persephone : “Freaking awesome!!!”

#10 First Session Cover Up!

Image source: More-Vehicle-4912

Cecilia Herrera : “I love the colors on that bird. The heart is a good touch.”

#11 Cover Up After 5yrs Of Regret

Image source: Weirdwife22

AtMostTheFabulist : “The colors I am seeing are really amazing.”

#12 Recommended From Comments On R/Tattoo. Started Cover-Up In 2018. Finished On Tuesday (The 1st.)

Image source: keehawn

Cecilia Herrera : “Wow!”

One Voice : “Those little penis nipples are distracting. LOL!!”

#13 Coverup In Progress

Image source: EpicHeather

GoGoPDX : “Wow! I am not big into flower tattoos for myself, but I would love to have this one so much!”

Auntriarch : “Really like a botanical illustration”

#14 Love The Beautiful Mandala Work My Artist Used To Revamp My Old Ink @jerkydoo On Ig

Image source: oddjaqx

GoGoPDX : “Oh my god the boldness of those light colors is a hard thing to get! This is amazing!”

#15 Off Center Cross Coverup

Image source: mattymatchu

AtMostTheFabulist : “I have seen that moth before. Is there something significant about it?”

#16 Cover Up Is Now Completed And I Couldn’t Be Happier

Image source: PunkyandFunky

PFD : “Happy for him but it looks ghastly to me. Though so did the original.”

Courtney Christelle : “I love how it goes down into the top of his foot.”

Jcusack : “OOOmph… Dudes leg looking like Mr. Deeds Frostbite foot..”

#17 We Did A Little Cover Up. Done By Andrew Edlin In Spokane Washington

Image source: Andrew-edlin

Aussie Atheist : “Hours of work and pain plus thousands of dollars”

#18 I Couldn’t Be More Stoked With The Results! Wonky Lines Cleaned Up, Added Some Dimension And A Sun To Cover The Multiple Blow Outs

Image source: Cresgodess

Corrected by Thomas Yosenick at Fine Line Tattoo (Garland, TX)

#19 Turned My Spermy Clouds Into Some Pretty Peonies

Image source: unsuspectingduck

#20 Anubis Was In Desperate Need Of A Makeover

Image source: vialpatient

#21 2 Months Apart. On The Left, Done For Very Cheap Price – Took 2 Sessions, 10 Hours Total

Image source: musicalsteve

Fixed by the artist who created the design originally, who was quoting double the price. He did it in under 2 hours. Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good

#22 Before And After

Image source: [deleted]

#23 My Fixed Tattoo

Image source: pumpkinscovfefe

#24 Before And After

Image source: JesseDII

#25 Black It Out But Make It Pretty

Image source: FtheWhat107

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