25 Times Tattoo Artists Transformed Old Boring Tattoos

Published 6 months ago

Tattoos have been a form of self-expression and art for centuries. People get inked for various reasons, whether to commemorate a special moment, pay tribute to a loved one, or simply showcase their personal style.

However, as time passes, people’s tastes and preferences may change, leaving them with tattoos that no longer resonate with their current selves. This is where the incredible artistry of tattoo artists comes into play. The “Tattoo Coverups” community explores some remarkable instances where tattoo artists transformed old, boring tattoos into stunning masterpieces. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Finally Gone!

Image source: coldheat23

ADHORTATOR : “The first one wasn’t so bad…but the cover up is stunning”

Id row : “Such a huge aggressive piece is not personally appealing to me, but the artistry on this can’t be denied. The artist is exceptionally talented. I’ll be curious to see how this holds up over time.”

#2 Done 3 Years Ago. The Coverup Was Free & At The Same Place I Got The Fucked Up One

Image source: Zestyclose-Roll-5384

Nina : “Damn… that is art”

#3 I Know I’m Biased, But I Think I Have The Best Cover Up Ever

Image source: Mynameismommy

Widdershins66 : “Excellent 🤓”

#4 I Did Another Coverup

Image source: Z3r0_responsibility2

Natalie Bohrteller : “It’s so good that I wouldn’t want to touch you 😅”

#5 My First And Only Coverup, What Do You Think Of It?

Image source: Sorry-Challenge5956

Innua : “Sooo much better! Great tattoo!”

Tee : “WOW!!!”

#6 Sternum Cover Up Done By Me

Image source: birthdaycandle

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her) : “This is a gorgeous kind of Art Nouveau style!”

#7 Look At This Scar Cover Up….bill Bill Bill!

Image source: angelinaatorrrress

still tired : “Bill Nye the science guy!!”

#8 Posted This In R/Tattoos And Everyone Preferred The Shitty Tattoo So This Community Might Appreciate My Coverup Better

Image source: meat-tra

HelluvaHedgehogAlien : “Both cute”

#9 My Cover Up , I Absolutely Love It. But He Before Wasn’t A Choice So This Was Very Liberating

Image source: SuperBuffTrophyWife

Jill Rhodry : “Well then ‘Rob’ is somewhere between a cockroach and pond scum. Well rid of him and I hope you have a lovely life.”

#10 Coverup Of Tattoo My Abusive Ex Gave Me

Image source: Trick_Step_1954

H G : “Good riddance, may you have a good life and loving people in your future”

#11 Octoskull Cover/Rework

Image source: shanebakertattoo

sbj : “Wow! What a difference”

Pumpkinpi : “The first wasn’t bad per se compared to other tattoo nightmares we see on here BUT the quality is definitely night and day. The first tattoo is good but the second is phenomenal.”

#12 The Original Was Done By A Good Friend So I Didn’t Want A Full Coverup, And I Think The New Artist Did A Great Job!! Satisfying

Image source: LilaAnton

Page intentially left blank : “That is a well-executed incorporation.”

#13 Portrait Coverup On My Wife’s Back

Image source: lec3395

H G : “When it comes to portraits, always always pay the extra money to go to a great tattoo artist. Research is number 1, look at their portfolio and take time to think and compare.”

KiwiTriviaKween (She/Her) : “The first tattoo reminds me of Bad Taxidermy lol”

#14 Tattoo Cover Up

Image source: SupriseSupriseBitch

Nina : “Just keep swimming”

Id row : “I really love this, I just wish they put in some color. It would have been stunning.”

#15 Deathly Hallows Coverup

Image source: lemon_octopus

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Deathly Hollows are all well and good, but dogs are better!”

#16 What Do You Rate This Coverup?

Image source: PotatoIcyGlizzy

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “It went swimmingly, I see.”

Brett Layton : “Decent but the original was far from bad imo.”

#17 Got A Coverup!!

Image source: FlounderHairy3007

Id row : “That’s kind of nice, but imagine a colorful beta fish. That would have popped.”

#18 Happy With My Coverup

Image source: Happy with my coverup

Your Mom : “nah cuz what even was the first one”

Id row : “That’s very nice, but the lighter parts will need to be touched up over time, especially without any outter linework.”

#19 Mother Cluckin’ Cover Up

Image source: sfb219

badger : “I knew a guy who wanted a chicken tattoo on his calf so he could say he had a c**k below his knee.”

#20 My Cover Up

Image source: littleghost000

#21 Finally Got It Covered

Image source: seneca_7

#22 Star Cover Up

Image source: spondonram

#23 Before//After

Image source: Technical-Exchange53

#24 Shoulder Cover Up

Image source: Mammoth_Ferret_1772

#25 Friendship Tattoo Covered After She Ghosted Me During The Worst Time Of My Life

Image source: Power-of-Erised

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