25 Of The Most “Terrible Facebook Memes” Found Online

Published 7 months ago

There’s a lot of content available online ranging from funny to sarcastic to kinda off-putting as well. While most posts attempt to be relatable in a generally wholesome way, there can be the occasional meme that is just absolutely terrible. 

As it turns out, there’s enough of this type of content to make up a whole subreddit on the topic. With over 2.3m fans the, r/TerribleFacebookMemes has the most unpredictable and wild memes from which we’ve shared a few of the most surprising in the gallery below. 

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#1 Tattoo Bad

Image source: vladdiam

#2 F**k My Wife Lol Xd

Image source: d24ftw

#3 My Grandpa Just Reposted This Make It Stoppppp

Image source: Activity_Stunning

Ross “Sarcastic Dad”There’s no reason to be a d**k to the person just trying to do their job, but they’re not wrong.

#4 ?

Image source: tea_baggins_069

ZedrapaziaI want to be honest, I don’t care what a woman is. I don’t care what a man is either. I don’t even care what I am. And you know what? It doesn’t matter who identifies as what, nobody is hurt by just being friendly to each other

#5 Laugh

Image source: harley_g00d

#6 This Hurts

Image source: maidenfreaker

VerenaI don’t have the money to pay the dozens of active helpers (not shown on photo) a decent wage to make this possible. I also won’t gain the necessary momentum on crowdfunding to pay for this.

#7 So Funny

Image source: babuchabri

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: To be fair, I know so little about computers and programming,I’d probably do that. I’m sure I could make even the toughest, most experienced tech support cry like a baby.

#8 This Definitely Belongs Here

Image source: Responsible-Radio998

Tucker CahooterSo the atheist child created something actually useful and the religious child didn’t?

#9 Not Too Terrible, But Pretty Close. Finally Found One In The Wild

Image source: Sorry-Nose-7667

#10 Fellas Is It Gay To Care About The Environment?

Image source: Dread-Muffin

Pandora (edited): Men secure with their own masculinity, aren’t threatened by strong women.

#11 Somebody Came Into A Restaurant And Left This Irl Meme. Does This Being Here?

Image source: PacmanTheHitman

Tiff Day: Don’t worry those kids in school all get shot anyway

#12 Omagawd

Image source: dunkradu

#13 Note The Minions

Image source: Max_Stoned

#14 Sure ?

Image source: ROTR93

Zedrapazia: Says one of the people that want to send their children to anti gay camps where abusers roam free and can do whatever they want to the kids.

#15 My Uncle Sent Me This. I’m Still Trying To Figure It Out

Image source: Its_Juliiiii

HelmGrass (edited): fits with how men sit.. somehow they can’t manage to keep their legs together.

#16 Woah Fast

Image source: HaRdCoReMeM

#17 Their vs. Ours

Image source: donfavion

rullyman: Left: someone who cares about the entire world and it’s future. Right: an actual murderer

#18 The “Growing Up In The 70s” Fb Page Is A Gold Mine Of Shit Tier Memes

Image source: vaporgaze2006

Gandalf the PinkWell it’d be difficult for the kids who didn’t survive to post this meme now wouldn’t it?

#19 I Think This Speaks For Itself

Image source: slixard

#20 Why Is Kermit Involved

Image source: ciaraaxx

#21 Taken Straight From Facebook

Image source: strawberryfawn

bluebottleWow! So I should alter my whole appearance and style to suit other people’s tastes, rather than to suit myself? Never heard that before!…. said no woman ever 🙄

#22 A Relative Just Shared This After Sharing Pro Trump Memes For 4 Years

Image source: Jesukii

Szzone: Holy mother of false equivalences

#23 Haha She Wants A Big Dick

Image source: JoeConor92

#24 My Uncle Just Shared This

Image source: Vavrin33

Makabert Abylons: At least it feels like its going in the right direction, that you should not be allowed to compete with females if you went through puberty as a man. More and more high level female athletes speak up about it. How it sucks to train so hard you whole life for a man to come in and break records a woman might never be able to match.

#25 Interesting Facts

Image source: whozayfa

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