The History and Future Trends of Aesthetic Surgery

Published 8 years ago

What will plastic surgery look like in 20 years? Two decades ago reconstructive surgery was very little talked about and the patients with poor credit history could not even consider it. But fast forward to today it became a common thing, with 15.9 million cosmetic procedures performed in the USA in 2015.

It’s not just movie stars who are getting botox or visiting an experienced cosmetic practitioner for wrinkle-busting injections. Each year plastic surgeons improve the lives of millions of patients. So what does the future hold in terms of plastic surgery innovations? Liposuction is still the most commonly done and is spreading throughout the developed world.

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A Brief History of Aesthetic Surgery

A Brief History of Aesthetic Surgery

800 BC – The first surgery carried out in India.

1895 – First breast augmentation surgery is said to be performed successfully by transplanting tissue from the back to the breast.

1899 – First breast implant materials used for breast implants include paraffin, beeswax and oil.

1910 – 1919 – Skin grafting innovative techniques introduced.

1910 – 1919 – Plastic surgery grows in stature. Dr Varaztad Kazanjian, known as the father of modern plastic surgery, during WWI.

1924 – First training program in the US. Dr John establishes the first formal training program in plastic surgery.

1925 – First division at a public hospital. Dr Jacques Maliniac convinces the New York City hospital system to establish the plastic surgery at a public hospital.

1930 – 1939 – Plastic surgeons spur shatterproof windshields. Their efforts result in the invention of shatterproof windshields.

1931 – ASPS is founded. Dr Maliniac and Dr Gustave Aufricht found The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

1934 – Plastic surgeons’ efforts improve car interior safety.

1937 – American Board of Plastic Surgery founded.

1939 – Dermatome helps burn victims.

1940 – 1949 – Facial trauma centres created during WWII. During WWII military aesthetic surgery centres are created to treat facial burns and trauma caused by trench warfare.

1940 – 1949 – Origins of modern hand surgery. The modern and skilful plastic surgeons came up with a new technique, establishing hand plastic surgery as a very important part of the plastic surgery.

1943 – First female plastic surgeon. Alma Morani is known as the first female surgeon to carry out a plastic surgery.

The Present and Future of Cosmetic Surgery

The Present and Future of Cosmetic Surgery

In 20 years, personalised designed tissue will allow physical structures such as ears, windpipes, nose, eyes and tissue to be grown and implanted into a needy patient. In the coming years plastic surgeons will be able to eliminate unwanted fat painlessly.

Face transplantation – It is a procedure to replace all or part of a person’s face, forming networks of new blood vessels, connecting it to transplanted skin with the patient’s tissue. This procedure is quite popular among the celebrities as this gives them a complete and permanent makeover. In fact, some of the celebrities from the showbiz industry have travelled great distances because of this makeover procedure.


It is a non-surgical ultrasound treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas. It uses the body’s own regenerative immune system response to gently lift the skin.

Extra ocular implant

Take your body piercing to a whole new level. You can implant platinum in your eye. The extra ocular implant is done by surgically implanting tiny piece of jewellery in the eyeball. 25 year old Lucy Luckayanko was the first patient to have the extra ocular implant.

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