The Korean Show Squid Games Has Many Translation Flaws As Revealed By This Korean American

Published 3 years ago

The latest TV show “Squid Games” has managed to hook the global audience since the last month. This Netflix show has gained worldwide popularity but some Korean speakers have recently pointed out that the English translation of this show is really horrible.

A Korean American woman named Youngmi Mayer tweeted recently, “Not to sound snobby but I’m fluent in Korean and I watched Squid Game with English subtitles and if you don’t understand Korean you didn’t really watch the same show. Translation was so bad,” she said and added that “the dialogue was written so well and zero of it was preserved.” So she started doing scene breakdowns through a series of  TikTok videos, in which she shows what could have been an accurate translation of the dialogues and what part of the story people are missing. Here are 5 such flaws pointed out by Youngmi Mayer  on TikTok.

Image credits: ymmayer

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