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25+ Times Things Blended With Their Surroundings Too Good

Published 8 months ago

#21 Tons Of Tiny Tree Frogs

Image source: ElephantErik

#22 Camouflage Level: Expert

Image source: Two_Inches_Of_Fun

#23 My Friend’s Phone Case Blends In With This 1982 School Library Circulation Desk

Image source: iamnotchris

#24 Four Pet Bananas, If I’m Not Mistaken

Image source: smokinweedle1620

#25 My Dogs Have Become Cuttlefish

Image source: Mike91444

#26 Beautifully Camouflaged Into Nature

Image source: Wilma Hurskainen

#27 I’m Dressed Like My Box Of Kleenex

Image source: azaleahey

#28 Cougar Camouflage Is Lit

#29 When I Try To Blend In At A Party

#30 Played At An Irish Bar Last Night And Accidentally Dressed As The Flag Behind Us. It Was Dubbed “Camouflage Show” By Someone In The Crowd

Image source: youmeanddougie

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