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45 Times When Things Fit Together Perfectly

Published 10 months ago

#11 I’ve Been A Cabinet Installer For Over Two Years And I’ve Never Had This Happen Before

Image source: Sarcasma19

#12 I Finally Found Out What That Little Slot In The Car Was For

Image source: VampiricAcorn

#13 This Truck Driver’s Arrangement Is Neat

#14 Finally, A Hotel That Understands

Image source: pooka_pook

#15 These Little Bowls In This Big Bowl

Image source: pacman_johns

#16 Had A Pair Of Prescription Lenses Which Fit Perfectly In My Mask. I Could See All The Fishes Clearly

Image source: growup_andblowaway

#17 These Flower Pots I Bought Today Fit Perfectly On The Tiles

Image source: balkonkind

#18 I Work As A Window Cleaner, And This Is The First Time This Has Happened

Image source: Neinman

#19 The Complete Works Of Charles Dickens

Image source: BristolEngland

#20 I Like How His Nose Fits Perfectly

Image source: mybodyisajacuzzi

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