25 Times People Thought Something Was Dangerous When In Reality It’s Actually Not

Published 9 months ago

It’s time to grab our mental magnifying glasses and take a closer look at our own quirky perspectives and biases. We frequently find ourselves worrying about potential dangers that, upon closer examination, prove to be less perilous than we imagine.

To shed light on these misconceptions, this Reddit thread prompted a diverse group of individuals to answer the question: “What is something that is way less dangerous than people think it is?” Their responses provide intriguing insights into the human psyche and our tendency to overestimate risks. Scroll below to read some of te answers.

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Image source: Frozenlime, cottonbro studio

Leaving your foot hanging out of the bed covers.


Image source: mossadspydolphin, Arches National Park

In terms of how much we thought it would affect us, probably quicksand.


Image source: Alternative_Run_6116, Kendrick Fernandez

Flashing your high beams at someone who doesn’t have their headlights on at night. I’ve done it hundreds of times and I’ve never been gang-style assassinated


Image source: el_monstruo, Katleen Vanacker

Strangers. Most of the violent crimes you hear happen between acquaintances.


Image source: franticmantic3, Kurt Anderson



Image source: BaconReceptacle, Kyaw Tun


Yes, people do get eaten sometimes but as someone who grew up in Florida, they are everywhere and if they were that dangerous there would be an attack every day.


Image source: Rabid_Stormtroopers, Nitish Meena

Immigrants wanting a better life…


Image source: Ok_Distance9511, Jason Toevs



Image source: neen209, Ketut Subiyanto

Swallowing gum


Image source: Kind_Lettuce580, Marino Linic

Swimming after eating – I used to fully believe I would drown in seconds if I didn’t wait a full hour before getting back in the water.


Image source: The_Hydro, Ilja Nedilko

Nuclear power


Image source: anon, Leo

Hiking. I’ve been shocked at the amount of people who think a bear is about to get them. This even happens in places where bears don’t exist.


Image source: hrmmmno, Mufid Majnun



Image source: CommanderReiss, Delia Giandeini

Trans people


Image source: coadyj, Peter Burdon



Image source: Chairchucker, Joel Arbaje

The Bermuda Triangle, particularly with modern navigation equipment.


Image source: Onedos-San, Gerald Schömbs



Image source: Stanwich79, Beeing

I’ll throw in beekeeping! Super fulfilling!


Image source: Fishercat5000, Haley Phelps

Trick or treating on Halloween. Kids are not getting poisoned by candy from strangers.


Image source: DROOPY1824, Brands&People



Image source: DeLaRey, Dennis Siqueira

Public transportation. It’s insanely safe by number of miles traveled and most of the security issues come with too few people using it.


Image source: Daffneigh, Bret Kavanaugh

Drag Queens


Image source: drbrian83, Alpha



Image source: LeilaTheBirb07, Erik Mclean

Turning the light on in the car.


Image source: RadiantHC, Zhivko Minkov

People who have no/few friends

Most of the time they’re either weird, shy, socially awkward, quiet, or simply just prefer to be alone

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