25 Men Reveal What They Learned About Women They Didn’t Know Before They Started Dating Them

Published 2 years ago

There’s a book by John Gray intriguingly called “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” Are male and female genders really so distinctive from each other? Physically, to some extent, yes. However, the psychological distinctions are somewhat tricky to explain. We are very much alike, however, so, so different. Even the book’s name inclines that men and women are some mystical creatures from outside of Earth that even science can’t fully comprehend. Perhaps.

However, sometimes we learn more about each other and the opposite gender simply by spending more time together. No book or science journal will ever reveal more information than a human can communicate, whether through words or actions. Recently, a Reddit user came up with a compelling question for the male fellas in the community, asking them, “what is something you learned about girls after getting into a relationship?” And plenty of men delivered all the knowledge they learned by getting to know their female partners. Take a look.

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Image source: BaldEagleNor, , Chelsi Peter

Periods suck. Bras suck. Shaving suck. Women don’t get enough pockets on their clothing. And they appreciate compliments A LOT on things they may be insecure about. (Like stretch marks or thighs)


Image source: King-of-Karthadasht, pexels

Honestly? How much unnecessary guilt women carry around with them over everything.

First girlfriend I had (18 at the time) every time I did something nice would either apologize or promise some kind of sexual reward. At first it seemed hot but after a few times in a row I just told her I wasn’t doing nice things for a reward but because I cared about her. Made her cry and we talked it out afterward but yeah after that (and just other things I talked to my female friends about) my eyes were opened to how invalid women seem to feel.


Image source: Commenticator

That birth control messes with their hormones a lot.


Image source: Icy_Trip3780, unsplash

The amount of hair they shed is unreal… Not sure how they still have a full body of hair on their head after a week.


Image source: MorgwynOfRavenscar, Leah Kelley

I learned that girls find you attractive mostly for what you do and how you do it, rather than how you look. Guys are more visual in that sense. I’ve been with girls during periods when I thought I looked like s**t but I still managed, somehow, to be attractive in their eyes just from the way I treated others and the way I made them laugh.


Image source: registeredexpert, Karolina Grabowska

That they don’t wear matching underwear all the time. Genuinely thought the bra and panties were always a set. I blame the Sears catalogue.


Image source: jaybaumyo, Max Vakhtbovych

They tell you to put the seat down on the toilet because they legit fall in if they don’t notice.


Image source: RedditorChristopher , pexels

You have to teach someone how to be a good lover to you.

People don’t magically know how to meet your needs. And they certainly can’t read your mind.


Image source: Pumpnethyl, pexels

The statement “just do what you want” no matter the tone, means you f**ked up.


Image source: Dogbert06, pexels

Their favorite bra doesn’t get washed much.


Image source: Shougatenma, João Jesus

They don’t…stop..thinking… at all. I can be sat on the sofa staring at the wall and my mind is a void… occasionally a though may float past, like a discarded crisp packet in the breeze.. then.. back to silence.

Whereas every woman I’ve been with seems to have a brain like an 80’s stock exchange… thats on fire… and full of angry murder hornets…. so much activity.


Image source: Hawthorne_northside, pexels

Period panties. That special pair that only come out once a month and look like someone wiped up acid with them. Woman’s bodies are amazing, fun, and terrifying in different times and situations.


Image source: Kooky-Experience-923, unsplash

They shower with lava. At least that’s what the water temperature felt like.


Image source: dave8271, pexels

[In my] first relationship, I always wondered why my girlfriend would rant at me about things like horrible coworkers, stress dealing with projects, etc., and then get mad at me when I tried to talk through the problems, break them down, and help come up with workable solutions. [In my] second relationship I realized when women do this, they just want to rant and have a hug at the end. They don’t want your advice, they don’t want a calm, rational discussion about what they can do to make a situation better. Don’t pour kerosene on that fire, just let it burn out.


Image source: Jasgoed, unsplash

That they are very capable of solving their emotional problems themselves. Sometimes they just need someone who listens to their story without them saying whats right or wrong.


Image source: Hawaii96795, unsplash

A good hug when “nothing” is wrong works wonders.


Image source: sheepboi13, pexels

Make-up is expensive as f*ck.


Image source: Nocturnalshadow, pexels

That morning routine ain’t no joke


Image source: foyer-light, unsplash

I’m female, but my male partner had no idea that women can’t ‘hold in’ our periods like we hold in pee.

I found this out when he was telling me about a girl in 6th grade who got her period in class, and he couldn’t believe how she just ‘let it all out all over’ (as if she peed in her pants but it was period blood).

I had to explain to him how it works. But I guess, how would he have known? I never thought about it.


Image source: ShbashGod, pexels

You don’t have enough hangers.


Image source: momo62300, Andrea Piacquadio

If you can tell something is wrong and you ask them “Is something wrong? Let’s talk about it.” And they say “No”, that doesn’t mean nothing is wrong and they don’t want to talk. A lot of the time they just need time to process. Let it breathe, give some space, and let them bring it up later instead of being pushy.


Image source: heathos33, unsplash

What might be a really small thing for me to give her (a gesture, compliment, smile, etc.) can mean a whole lot to her.


Image source: AwesomeAsian, pexels

• I’m more in tune with feelings and emotions now

• The amount of times women feel uncomfortable by men in day-to-day situations


Image source: People_call_me_sir, unsplash

That my hoodies are actually her hoodies.


Image source: blahblahrasputan, pexels

Until I actually lived with my partner it was hard to comprehend just how often a period comes, how long it lasts, and how much it can affect your day-to-day.

What a pain in the a*s. I do not envy the ladies.

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