20 People Share Things Mislabeled As Bad By Bigoted Or Archaic Society

Published 1 year ago

Once upon a time, people believed the Earth was flat, they believed humans would never be able to fly and they thought that we would never be able to go to the moon. There’s a lot we don’t know till we do know it. Even then there will be doubters; here’s looking at you flat-earthers.

While previous social norms are incredibly powerful, it seems the cracks are already starting to show. So, let’s take a look at some opinions shared below of archaic concepts that bigoted society really needs to move away from stat, according to an interesting reddit thread with a lot of food for thought for the more philosophically bent.

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Waking up late. But getting a few more hours sleep is far more beneficial than some YouTube hustler saying you should wake up at 5 am for no reason.


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Doing nothing with my free time.

I work and have chores. When I don’t have those things, I don’t feel like hiking or scuba diving or anything.

I want to do nothing. Leave me alone.


Image source: itsfish20, lira_n4

Being lazy, there is nothing wrong with spending the whole weekend just playing video games and watching movies! As long as you don’t neglect your kids or pets during that time who cares what you did on the weekends or after work!


Image source: ChuushaHime, Pressmaster

A lot of people are quick to call you “fake” if you’re polite to those you dislike.

It’s not being fake, it’s being civil.


Image source: somepeoplewait, Vailery

Not having kids if you don’t want them.

Having kids you don’t want is bad.


Image source: Froph_Beifong11, AnnaStills

Talking about periods.


Image source: TheAres1999, gpointstudio

Voluntary celibacy.

People act like you’re missing out, or wierd just because you don’t want to have sex.


Image source: ZenoSalts, YuriArcursPeopleimages

Having disagreements. Totally normally to disagree with people. It’s even more normal to disagree with your friends and still remain friends.


Image source: joeythenose, AnnaStills

Providing help to pedophiles so they don’t commit crimes.


Image source: TheZelf, piasupuntongpool

Cultural appropriation. The spread of a culture to people groups who are outside the originating culture is a good thing.


Image source: catching_signals, tracincary


Fewer children born into poverty or in situations where they aren’t wanted is a net positive. It’s actually been proven that abortion lowers crime.


Image source: Contemplative2408, Yakov_Oskanov

Assisted suicide. If your pet does not have a good prognosis your vet will recommend putting them to sleep. Why do we make humans suffer to the bitter end? Sure, we give them medicine to make them comfortable, but why extend that timeframe if they nothing left to do? They made their will, they said goodbye, now they wait and run up a bill for their family to pay?? If you have terminal illness, you should be able to die with dignity.


Image source: ElectricalJacket780, bialasiewicz

sex education for people younger than the age of expected sexual activity


Image source: glitchystitchy

Knowledge, apparently. Seems like educating others and speaking on a topic you are certified to speak in is an offense to them somehow, so they think you’re speaking down to them if you disagree with them.


Image source: DrKennethWestFall, jm_video parkinthepark

A lack of professional ambition.


Image source: Playful-Profession-2, stockbusters

Talking to yourself.


Image source: littlephrogboyo, vladans

Doing things (like going to a restaurant) alone


Image source: anoncanid, MargJohnsonVA

Piracy for incredibly old movies/games etc. If its no longer available, then it should be encouraged if anything.


Image source: coachlasso, s_kawee

Not working 24/7 or participating in the “hustle culture”


Image source: hotcum69, Pressmaster

**One example** of something that society considers to be bad but is not inherently so is aging. While aging is often associated with decline and loss, it can also bring wisdom, maturity, and a greater appreciation for life. It is often how society views aging and the cultural attitudes toward the elderly that are negative, not the process itself.

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