20 Things We Loved But Just Can’t Stand Anymore

Published 1 year ago

When we are born, we really know nothing about the world or even about our basic wants and needs. However, throughout life we try different experiences in an attempt to refine our tastes. Catering to yourself, is the least you can do to ensure a happy life as long as its not endangering or inconveniencing any one else. Some may classify us as jaded, but the truth is preferences change and that’s ok.

So, recently when user Istrx13 posed a question on reddit asking folks to name something that they like less and less as they grow older, the discussion really took off. We went through it and below are some of the most popular answers on the topic.

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#1 Birthdays

Image source: RenegadeOfBonk, Sergei Solo

#2 Sweetness.

Image source: melty111, Vinicius “amnx” Amano

The older I get, the less I can tolerate sweet stuff. Use to need a lot of sugar in my coffee, now a dash of sugar is enough and if need be, no sugar is fine too.

#3 Soda and other soft or carbonated drinks.

Image source: Emerald_Encrusted, Alexandra Nosova

Since I haven’t seen it yet after scrolling a good while:

Soda and other soft or carbonated drinks. They’re so sugary and awful it’s like I can imagine my teeth dissolving and my insides corroding just from drinking a bit of it. I don’t hate it with a passion and in a social occasion I might even drink some, but I always feel bad afterward and sometimes even sick.

Water is love, water is life.

#4 Clubbing is a bottom tier experience.

Image source: MinkoffMinxx, Amir Toossi

#5 Getting wasted and partying.

Image source: butthenhor, John Arano

I am in my early 30s and i think im okay to not party anymore for the rest of my life.

Its just that weekends are damn precious now that im working full time. When I get wasted and party, i just waste a whole sunday recovering from that.

Yea so im good.

#6 People running their mouth in the movie theater when you’re trying to watch the movie that you just paid $15 to watch.

Image source: EchoEquani, Jake Hills

#7 People all around me. I prefer my solitude!

Image source: Kiwi-Latter, Tegan Mierle

#8 Making appointments.

Image source: Frosty_Table7539, Joseph Frank

For my dog, myself, my kids. Start a new patient portal. Verify your email. Try to make an appointment through their portal. Portal down for maintenance. Call. Sent to electronic voicemail, recommends online portal. Rinse and repeat. Eventually find the right formula to speak to a human, not accepting new patients/no openings for ten weeks.

#9 Other people

Image source: Ahshalon_Tenisk, Jacek Dylag

#10 Loud restaurants

Image source: Panther81277, K8

#11 How quickly things break down. Everything is cheaply made so you will have to replace it quicker. My grandmother had the same oven for 50 years. A fridge that was easily 30 years old.

Image source: CatsAreTheBest2, Erik Mclean

#12 Crowded areas. Went to the grocery store yesterday, felt uncomfortable with that many people around.

Image source: BlazeDarklight, Brittani Burns

#13 I give a s**t less and less about whether people find me attractive or not, because I’m comfortable with myself more than ever.

Image source: mochaboo20, Matthew Hamilton

#14 Chasing a career.

Image source: exec_director_doom, Ben White

We whip ourselves into a fury chasing this thing. Our entire society is built around the assumption that everyone wants one. That it’s a way to be happy.

It’s not.

It’s a waste of a great gift we’ve been given.

You enrich others. Always. If you’re lucky you’ll get some cream off the top. But most people won’t.

They’ll just pump hours of their life into the comfort of other people who had the fortune to be born into the right class of people.

You’ll chase it and chase it and feel like you’re getting somewhere but at the end of the day, it won’t matter. The only things that will matter are the things you couldn’t do because you were playing by someone else’s rules for a happy life.

F**k. That. S**t.

#15 Someone opening an Instagram/Tiktok video on loud volume out of nowhere. Whether its on the train or in the sofa. Makes me scream inside

Image source: Dondorini, Ross Sneddon

#16 Having to have a job just to afford the small amount of time I have between having a job

Image source: sodacansinthetrash, Magnet.me

#17 Other peoples children.

Image source: DuzyLurking, Piron Guillaume

#18 Online gaming. Everyone is just toxic or childish as f**k and it gets old. I try to stay away from them now and just play single player stuff

Image source: TedNebula, Samsung Memory

#19 Videocalls since they inherently use the speaker phone. Nobody seems to remember when using speaker phone to talk was considered rude/lowclass

Image source: TwoThreeSkidoo, Heather McKean

#20 Social media.

Image source: saltedcube, Sara Kurfeß

I hate what it does to people and I hate the things it makes people do. So much. It used to be useful once upon a time but now social media is just a cesspool of the worst kinds of people.

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