40 Brilliant “This You?” Comebacks That Burned Hypocrites To Dust

Published 1 month ago

“Before you hit ‘send’ on anything online, remember that what you put out there can circle back to you when you least expect it. It’s not just about cringe-worthy content. Watching what we say online is just as important if not more so, to avoid spreading misinformation or making contradictory statements. 

Below, you’ll discover some clever clapbacks from the This You Comebacks subreddit, where people cleverly call out others for their online inconsistencies. Get ready for a good laugh as you browse through the posts that turn the tables on celebrities, public figures, and more.

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#1 Who Even Takes Their Kids To Drag Shows?

Image source: Hedgehogbiscuits, x.com

#2 I’m So F**king Tired…

Image source: AtotheJ2215, x.com

#3 Imagine Getting Called Out By The Official White House Account

Image source: rode__16

#4 Votes Against Bill That Would Send Fl Relief Funds, Then Goes On Twitter To Demand Relief Funds Be Sent To Fl

Image source: szechuan_sauce42

#5 When Did Pronouns Become Such A Big Thing?

Image source: Nolimitsolja, x.com

#6 “Free Speech”

Image source: Kosta7785

#7 Big Bird Is A Communist

Image source: I_hacked_kmart, x.com

#8 Of Course It Is

Image source: swarlymosbius

#9 Where Is The Lie?

Image source: smartwaterofficiel

#10 This You, Jim Jordan?

Image source: My170, x.com

#11 Screamy Is As Screamy Does…

Image source: Elle_Vetica, x.com

#12 Uh Oh

Image source: reddit.com

#13 Of Course There’s A Photo

Image source: swarlymosbius, x.com

#14 Elon Has Been In The News A Lot Lately

Image source: misterecho11

#15 The Turd Delivers Yet Again

Image source: Foolhearted, x.com

#16 This Your Last Location?

Image source: MutationIsMagic

#17 Never Forget Indeed

Image source: My170, x.com

#18 Gun Rights Are Great Unless People I Don’t Like Have Them

Image source: My170

#19 You Can’t Take Her Royal Highness There. The Hutts Are Gangsters

Image source: LastJediKnight7, x.com

#20 I Don’t Give A F About Her

Image source: bladezor

#21 Dr. Who?

Image source: sunkid

#22 I Hope This Counts. Gov Desantos And His Wife On Screening For Illnesses

Image source: megamoze

#23 “America Is Full”, But Not Too Full For Me

Image source: Nolimitsolja, x.com

#24 Cereal-Themed This You?

Image source: SylTop

#25 Pretty Sure He’s The King Of This Sort Of Thing

Image source: Kosta7785, x.com

#26 I Have Never Got Any Government Assistance

Image source: GinnayWeasley, x.com

#27 Ah Yes, The Double Standards Of Blaire White Back Again

Image source: Conscious-Glove-1526, twitter.com

#28 His Comment Wasn’t Meant For His Party, Obviously

Image source: aheinouscrime

#29 This You, Elon?

Image source: SkyezOpen

#30 Misinformation

Image source: Nolimitsolja, twitter.com

#31 Someone Must Have Hacked Her Account

Image source: swarlymosbius

#32 Superbowl Halftime Show

Image source: Rigzin_Udpalla

#33 This You Dad?

Image source: qmechan

#34 Wonder Why That Is, Jim?

Image source: Arielle_6

#35 A Proper “This You” Comeback

Image source: NastyNateRTS

#36 Pedophile Doesn’t Want Kids Being Sexualized. Approves Of Fl “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Image source: MissingTaco

#37 “Pronoun Extremists”

Image source: beta_zero

#38 Republicans Don’t Own The Fourth Of July But

Image source: Spirited_Accident_98

#39 That’s Right, Nicki

Image source: beerbellybegone

#40 Generational This You To A Guy Who Opposes USA Receiving Afghan Refugees

Image source: MarsNirgal

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