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50 Illustrations With Hidden Meanings That Not Everyone Might Get By Italian Artist Elia Colombo

Published 8 months ago

Elia Colombo is an Italian freelance illustrator, designer, and philosopher. He creates beautiful and thought-provoking illustrations about various social issues and some of them might take you a while to get.

The artist’s illustrations show a whole number of social issues, from loneliness to mindless need for attention. He deals with these problems with light, tongue-in-cheek humor while still highlighting their importance. Check out Elia’s art in the gallery below!

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#1 Dream Big, It’s Free

Image source: gebelia

#2 Breaking The Rule

Image source: gebelia

#3 Humanity, A Degenerative Disease

Image source: gebelia

#4 We Can Undo It!

Image source: gebelia

#5 The Solo Traveller

Image source: gebelia

#6 Digital Illusions

Image source: gebelia

#7 Make A Wish

Image source: gebelia

#8 Feed Your Mind

Image source: gebelia

#9 Infinity Brew

Image source: gebelia

#10 The Lost Sheep

Image source: gebelia

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