25 Times This Artist Created Intriguing Illustrations About Modern Society

Published 6 months ago

Art has a remarkable ability to transcend language barriers, communicate complex ideas, and evoke powerful emotions. Steffen Kraft, better known by his artistic pseudonym ICONEO, is a masterful illustrator who has captivated audiences worldwide with his thought-provoking creations

This artist’s illustrations serve as windows into the complexities of the human experience. Each artwork is a tapestry of emotions, ideas, and societal reflections that invite viewers to explore the depths of their own thoughts. Check out some of his amazing works in the gallery below.

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Image source: iconeo

Ellinor : “Summary of my dating life before I figured out I was aromantic…”

Jing Yi Xu : “If humans can find happiness in being alone, toxic relationships would halve and wholesome relationships would double.”


Image source: iconeo

Multa Nocte : “This is so true! Sometimes when you make a move, it looks boring and insignificant to others but it is a heart stopping moment of panic for you.”

Trophy Husband : “Yes, when you try something new… Or when you take a phone call… Or when you are forced to see other people… All are just as hard as that driving board.”

Head_on_a_Stick : “If it doesn’t scare you then you aren’t being brave.”


Image source: iconeo

Jing Yi Xu : “The uh, Japanese erotic art appreciators have entered the chat”


Image source: iconeo

Head_on_a_Stick : “Fatherhood is the epitome of masculinity.”


Smiley MG : “That is a good masculine boi….pee away pupper….yay!”


Image source: iconeo

Sans Serif : “Retirement confronted me rather unexpectedly – my focus had been solely on my work. However now, as sit in my den (with no daily responsibilities) dabbling in the many aspects of life I had previously thought unimportant is… rather time consuming! Can’t believe how quickly the days pass…”

Nykky : “I love free time. Just wish I had the ambition to do what I want. I have books to read, things to draw, videos to watch, but my brain just sort of shuts down.”


Image source: iconeo

Minnie Not Mouse : “Just lean a little and pull yourself over. No biggie!”


Image source: iconeo

K.K.J : “I consider the time of my life when I stopped doing this a major beneficial and pivotal time.”


Image source: iconeo

funkybluegirl : “Cute.”


Image source: iconeo

Sans Serif : “Unpack bonus: the physics of a bed-of-nails and, as an enabler to inspiration — hmm non sequitur, my show’s on, maybe later…”

Nonna_SoF : “Those pencils seem way too far apart for this.”


Image source: iconeo

Multa Nocte : “Love the BandAid blanket!”

Head_on_a_Stick : “A little?”


Image source: iconeo

LakotaWolf (she/her) : “Never too old (unless it’s physically unsafe)! I’m 41 and JUST learning to enjoy roller-coasters! And I’m gonna re-learn how to Rollerblade next year :D”

Jing Yi Xu : “The Chinese proverb ‘the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now’ rings true here.”


Image source: iconeo

Kelly H. Wilder : “We often take lessons from nature. Mother Nature is the penultimate designer and engineer.”

WINJARA1 : “Interesting interpretation! My initial thought was kinda the reverse…transforming war into peace.”


Image source: iconeo

Jay Scales : “LOL – a poop-mobile!”


Image source: iconeo

Jeevesssssss : “This made me do a tally of all the close friends I’ve lost to their mental health…”


Image source: iconeo

Sans Serif : “That’s what WE’RE thinking — sadly, likely to never cross their minds…”

Anon Y Mous : “War has nothing to do with gender. It is about WHO you are , as in what are your morals, and what do you fight for. It is NOT about WHAT you are, not at all. Woman can be just as awful as men, women have just as much potential to be serial killers as men, and men have just as much potential to be life saving heroes as woman. The difference is men tend to be more physical, and woman tend to be more emotional. But even then, plenty of woman are physical, and plenty of men are emotional.”


Image source: iconeo

Wiccan Crone : “Beautiful and frightening at the same time. Fortunately for our planet, earth abides. It is our ability to live on it that is being destroyed.”

Jing Yi Xu : “It’s not the sun. Just the humans on it creating greenhouse emissions 1000x faster than natural and deforestation and everything else.”


Image source: iconeo

qwerty : “I’m too weak for that… how about I just go to sleep.”


Image source: iconeo

I’m.Just.A.Girl : “We always remember the negativity.. especially when it throws it back at us. Time after time. Just let me leave the trash behind!!!”


Image source: iconeo

Multa Nocte : “Good point!”


Image source: iconeo

Sky Render : “Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so. But it is my favorite side-effect of gravity.”


Image source: iconeo

Claire Cochrane : “If not me, who…if not now, when…”

Heather Nicole : “I experienced this myself in desperate need of help caught with my arm impaled. turns out I’m vindictive even in so much pain because as I screamed and the people a hundred feet away from me ignored, I really wanted them to fall flat on their faces.”


Image source: iconeo

Sans Serif : “Stark Relativity”


Image source: iconeo

Sans Serif : “The perfection in my life was compensating for imperfections…”


Image source: iconeo

Kelly H. Wilder : “Me, too. Always be kind to Siri and/or Alexa, too. Not from fear but just as a reflection of true character.”

Dara Lynn : “*I* do this and my BF laughs at me! But Alexa will put in a good word for me one day when the machines rise up. IDK what will happen to him lol”


Image source: iconeo

Kelly H. Wilder : “Happy Feet (or The Pebble and the Penguin)…both are fantastic movies. 🐧 💖”

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