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The TikTok Selfie Trend Shows People That The Selfie Camera Can Change The Way You Actually Look (20 Pics)

Published 10 months ago

Every good photographer knows that changing the camera angle can transform the entire look of someone. But many people with camera phones still struggle to find the perfect angles for their perfect selfies.

Recently, a TikTok challenge has shown the importance of the angle of the phone camera while taking a selfie. The users have shared side-by-side pics showing how they look when they zoom in on their faces and when they extend their hand with their phone to click a selfie. The photos speak for themselves, check them out in the gallery below.

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Image source: @itshannahowo


Image source: @noordabashh


Image source: @angellasummernamu


Image source: @itspierreboo


Image source: @raepaige


Image source: @yeslydimate


Image source: @oceanfilly


Image source: @fatishpatchkid


Image source: @_viviolix_


Image source: @erikarichardo


Image source: @soooo._.o


Image source: @averinanggita


Image source: @alexruii


Image source: @aleyjjna


Image source: @.olittlecouto


Image source: @eboxz


Image source: @ucantfindjrm


Image source: @trashhippie420


Image source: @connorpatrick12


Image source: @bluegirlbrooklyn

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