30 Examples Of Times When ‘Straight People Were Not Okay’, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

In honor of Pride Month 2022, let’s join the celebrations and salute the freedom to be yourself and love freely. Luckily, more and more individuals and brands join the tribe and show support and love for the LGBTQ+ community. Sexism and homophobia are still deep-rooted in our society, so it’s up to everyone to decide whether to take part and stand for equality and make the Earth a safer space for everyone.

A subreddit cheekily called “Are the Straights OK?” is dedicated to exposing and sharing the worst cases of sexism and homophobia. Over 407K community members share posts found on the internet that confirm that society still has a long way to go and that it’s proving hard to root out homophobia. Below, look at some of the posts from the group demonstrating times when ‘the straights were not OK.”

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#1 Yeah, Don’t Have Sex Before Marriage

Image source: Elk_Networks_


Image source: SirDabbington-

#3 Ladies…?

Image source: milsificent

#4 Nope, Definitely Not Ok, It’s A Freaking Blanket!

Image source: mjot_007

#5 That- That’s Not What Loyal Is-

Image source: Theweirdposidenchild

#6 Hmmmm

Image source: Western_Management81

#7 Women Are Such Mysterious Creatures, They Never Say What They Want

Image source: KatyaRomici00

#8 Found Some Vintage Anti-Suffrage Posters That Show How Afraid People Were Of Women Voting

Image source: [deleted]

#9 When You Think It Can’t Get Worse You Notice The Glove…

Image source: ClarityByHilarity

#10 What Is Wrong With People

Image source: bananasaremyfamily

#11 Ugh. Just, Ugh

Image source: Justthisdudeyaknow, twitter.com

#12 Swimsuits

Image source: conancat, twitter.com

#13 How Do You Even… What

Image source: Solicube

#14 I May Be A Sex Repulsed Ace But Once A Week Seems A Bit Much When Your Partner Dosn’t Feel Sexual Attraction

Image source: Born-Category-4954

#15 What

Image source: RenitheGreat

#16 Instagram Explore Page Memes = Misogynist Memes

Image source: niko_bellic6750

#17 Hmmm

Image source: CJ_Flowers

#18 I Genuinely Find This Hilarious Especially Knowing The Original Creator Was Being 100% Serious

Image source: lizzy_withall

#19 Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Image source: DilapidatedDinosaur

#20 I Don’t Think They Are

Image source: pessimisticphycho

#21 Are They Serious?

Image source: _mirunelul_

#22 This Is At A Kid’s Stationary Shop

Image source: Sobbing-Coffee

#23 Why Can’t Women Just Enjoy Their Boobies? Their Super Stuffed Up Milkies? Their Honker Wonker Doinky Bonkies?

Image source: ToesyToeNails

#24 Pretty Much

Image source: Gallade47

#25 This Does Not Seem Okay

Image source: Noxium51

#26 Ah Yes, Misogynistic Christmas Cards For All!

Image source: BallOfAnxiety98

#27 *gasp* Women Have… Veins?! Impossible!!

Image source: ExpertAccident

#28 At Least He End It There

Image source: mistypuffss

#29 Matt Walsh Is A Controlling A**hole And Jeffrey Combs Is An Absolute Gem

Image source: MniTain38

#30 A Friend Sent This Screenshot To Me On Instagram…

Image source: CalmGhosts

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