30 Women Share The Times They Were Completely Ignored Because There Was A Man Nearby

Published 2 years ago

Dear woman, have you ever been in a situation where someone completely disregarded your opinion or presence because a man was standing nearby? Perhaps it had happened at a mechanic, car dealership, home appliance, or electronics store. Because, apparently, women have no clue about cars, electronics, or repairs, and only men can be the ‘connoisseurs’ of such things. Boohoo, fake news!

Recently, a woman from Arizona, USA, Krista Pacion, tweeted about her experience with a repairman who started ignoring her immediately after her husband walked into the room. Krista’s tweet soon turned into a viral thread, providing space for more woman to share their experience facing sexism. It’s bound to be interesting, so look at some of the replies we have gathered and listed below.

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