20 Stereotypes That Ruin A Good Movie According To People

Published 1 year ago

Watching a movie these days feels almost tiresome sometimes. We’ve become so familiar with the plot lines, the scripts and even the actors themselves that as soon as we watch a trailer, we almost know what the entire movie will be like. Hollywood certainly has a big task to break away from the stereotypes in order to keep audiences engaged. 

Despite this, we persevere to try and give movies a chance. But what absolutely ruins a movie experience for you in an instant? An online discussion ensued when one Netizen inquired “What 100% ruins a movie for you every time?” Folks did not hold back providing answers that we have to admit, are truly relatable and which need addressing right now so we can have better movies more suited to an evolved audience asap. 

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Image source: aidanpryde98, JESHOOTS.com

Having to constantly have my remote in hand to turn down the absurdly loud action scene, to then have to crank the volume for the next dialogue that is far too low.

I’m f*****g sick of it.


Image source: warriorgramma

When there’s a 20+ year age gap between the leading actor and actress and it’s not addressed in the movie, especially when the movie pretends like they’re around the same age.

“We’re both experienced, leading scientists in our fields, even though I look like a grizzled war veteran and you’re fresh off the set of High School Musical.”


Image source: tallandlanky

When the trailers reveal most of the plot.


Image source: FreshRigi

When there is a timer and it takes longer to count down than the time that was called/shown. It drives me crazy.

Generic example, 50 seconds until a bomb explodes. Dialogue for 30 seconds. Timer is showing 30 seconds left. More dialogue for 40 seconds. Timer is at 5 seconds. Quick one-liner, bomb defused with one second to go.


Image source: Justmerightnowtoday

Just 10 seconds left before the bomb explodes. The hero is taking all the time in the world to kiss and hug his girlfriend a last goodbye before returning to deactivate the bomb..


Image source: trex005, Görkem Dalgıç

They hang up the phone without any warning. Like “Bob, we discovered a nuke on it’s way to Washington”. Click.

Or someone answering the door within a couple seconds of knocking.

These thing completely break me out of the movie and are hard to recover from.


Characters who are supposed to be badass but only act like a******s and endanger everyone because they “don’t play by the rules”. Like James Bond, Han Solo and sadly most other action Heros as well. It’s not cool or atractive to be a d**k plus it is a really lazy and over used character trait for a main character to have.

Image source: meh_was_alredy_taken


Image source: RepresentativeAd7785

Teenagers who sound like screenwriters trying to sound cool.

Never in the history of humanity have two 15 year olds randomly recited 18th century poetry to each other on the day they met, and all those snarky remarks makes the kids sound insufferable and annoying a lot more than clever.

Also notice that somehow every clever 15 y.o. always listens to music that was huge when the screenwriter was growing up, never something that is… you know… listened to by 15 year olds… as if there was no good music around presently.

PS. Also the whole sarcastic genius with no social clues…yes we get it Dr. House was a hit 20 years ago, now can we get Cumberbatch to play any other freaking role?


Image source: sad_jeb, National Cancer Institute

When one character who’s an expert in some field stops to explain the most basic concepts to another character *who’s also an expert on the same subject*.


**Character A:** (Perfectly understandable explanation for something technical or scientific, that anyone who managed to dress themselves this morning could comprehend.)

**Character B:** “In *English*, please!”

**Character A:** (Extremely dumbed down version because screenwriter assumes audience are idiots)

Image source: LupinThe8th


Image source: SinkTube

“there’s no time… save yourself!” when there’s clearly ample amount of time for both characters to get to safety. made even worse by the fact that they usually waste a minute or more arguing about it, saying teary-eyed goodbyes, and making out before character 1 finally gets up and leaves


Image source: xx2983xx

When the premise for a major conflict in the movie is something that any sane person would have just said “oh no there’s a misunderstanding” and they all have a laugh and go on with their days… But instead it turns into some convoluted drama.


Image source: anon, Tony Webster

Badly implemented product placement. Product placement itself doesn’t bother me. If there’s a character driving a Toyota, or eating a Pizza Hut pizza, I don’t care. If there’s a pointless shot in the movie that shows the f*****g Bud Light logo for 10 seconds, I mind


Image source: OldDonD

Maybe not 100%, but close to it.

Fight scenes where someone make a big blow(usually the villain), but instead of finishing the deal by smashing the brains out they start talking, bragging or some other cocky s**t. And woops, the fight is back on like nothing happened..


Image source: Sanitee

Unnecessary love scenes where the main character and a side character fall in love just cause, despite having known each other for like five minutes.


Image source: DaytonaDemon, ConvertKit

I can often tell when actors carry fake (well, empty) suitcases, and even when they carry empty to-go cups. There’s just something different in the way their bodies/muscles work then.

Jesus Christ, it’s a 50 million dollar movie, how hard would it be to fill the cup and toss a couple of bricks in the suitcase?


Image source: phoenix14830, Arseny Togulev

When all you have to do is beat the boss and the entire army just collapses. Pretty much every alien and robot-using invasion has this hive concept.


Image source: naugahydeandlace

Overused female tropes. The angry black woman, plus sized women always being loud and clumsy, and of course, the manic pixie dream girl. This isn’t some feminist soapbox, it’s just lazy and uninspired writing.


Image source: KairiZero

The bit where hackers take 20 seconds of furious typing to disable a countries infrastructure


Image source: TheBoodleKoddle, Tima Miroshnichenko

A bad ending. If a movie was great but has a bad ending, then the whole experience is ruined.

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