40 Tourist Scams You Should Be Aware Of When Traveling

Published 4 years ago

If you travel a lot, you’ve most likely ran into a tourist scam or two. It could have been a taxi that overcharged you by taking the longer route, a pickpocket at a busy market or even a fake tour guide who offered you a great deal on a tour and then ran off with your money never to be seen again. All of these scams sound pretty bad but sadly there are plenty more of them out there that you probably never even heard of. And there’s no better way to protect yourself than to know about them beforehand.

Lucky for you, UK-based travel website Just The Flight prepared a handy infographic explaining some of the most common scams around the world so you know what to expect the next time you’re traveling. Check out all of the tourist scams every traveler should know in the gallery below!

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Image credits: www.justtheflight.co.uk

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