30 Trends That Are On Their Way To Being Extinct, According To Reddit Users

Published 3 years ago

It seems like nowadays trends come and go so fast, you can hardly keep up. However, there are certain ones that have been lingering for quite some time now – and some people can’t wait for them to die off. Especially since some of them are ridiculously silly and annoying.

A few days ago, one Reddit user sparked a heated debate after asking people to share “What’s cool now, but probably won’t be in 5 years?”. The user’s thread received over 31k comments with people trying to guess some of the trends that are bound to die off in upcoming years, and I’m pretty sure some of them are already one foot out the door. From silly life hacks to TikTok itself, see check out some of the predictions in the gallery below!

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Image source: nucLEUS_O

Probably not going to happen, but I really wish influencers won’t be “cool” anymore.


Image source: KK5993

Gigantic drawn on eyebrows.


Image source: _Sasquat_

A lot of the stuff I see people doing on TikTok seems like the kinda thing you’d be embarrassed about in a few years


Image source: verismonopoly

Overly-processed Instagram photos. Especially in the context of makeup and skincare.


Image source: klemmy42

Having the covid vaccine. Eventually it’ll be as commonplace as a flu vaccine.


Image source: reddicyoulous

Hopefully those fake pointy acrylic nails


Image source: stilettoz_n_bluntz

Hopefully Facebook. I never thought it would kill myspace and MySpace reminds me of better times when I think of how sh*tty Facebook handled the last 4 years


Image source: sanoanxa

Current plastic surgery trends to meet the current IG standards. I fear for a lot of people who have had BBLs and facial surgery that the look will become outdated and permanently associated with late 2010’s and early 2020’s, kind of how like there are plastic surgery trends associated with the 90s/2000s.


Image source: Peach_Majestic

Hopefully the stupid “hacks” that people are coming up with. That’s not a hack


Image source: waylor88

Humongous butt injections.


Image source: mintymeerkat

Vaping, I hope.


Image source: See-Tye

People posting pictures of a PS5 they just bought and expecting the rest of us to care.


Image source: volume_1337

Youtube prank videos

Well some youtube videos in general.


Image source: TooMuchPowerful

Daenerys and Khaleesi as girls names.


Image source: kytheon

Zoom calls. I don’t wanna go back to the office, but I can’t take five more years of these..


Image source: emeliadanko

Everything Supreme. The s***** print text hoodies, the overpriced hats and $100 Tshirts, all of it


Image source: iFFyCaRRoT

5 day work week


Image source: mangopepperjelly

Lip fillers.


Image source: KidneyLand

That stupid yee yee a** haircut that all the teenage boys are rocking. The one with the short sides and mop top rat’s nest on top.


Image source: throwaway671222

Corporations trying to be weird and relatable on Twitter. Wish it would die out now


Image source: Qayden

The latest iPhone.


Image source: notachance13

Brazilian Butt Lifts .. I feel like it will not age well. A lot of plastic surgeries collapse over time or have complications as it degrades


Image source: Eslayer12

Probably most popular youtubers as of now


Image source: noreenxo

Subscribing to multiple streaming platforms.


Image source: CrayolaTasteBest

The bowl cut. For some reason it came back in south Houston. Looks ridiculous.



Image source: stuntmandave126


Image source: ayalpinkus

Instagram is going to be an online shopping mall, far removed from the cool micro-blogging site it used to be.


Galaxy print is probably going to go the way of the bowling alley carpet patterns we used to wear on our clothes in the 90s. It’ll come back ironically in 10 years

Image source: rosieraven


Image source: tomcatx2



Funko Pops. They’re the Beanie Babies of the ’20s.

Image source: TheGreatestAuk

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