30 Lucky Finds People Made In Thrift Stores (New Pics)

Published 5 years ago

Going to the thrift stores is always a blast – you can go out with a few dollars in your pockets and come back with a whole back of all sorts of weird stuff. Some people even turned thrift shopping into a hobby and started a Facebook group called ‘Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’ where they share their greatest hauls. From Van Helsing-esque vampire hunting kits to freaky toy dolls, check out the best things people found in thrift stores in the gallery below!

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Image source: ‎Cheryl Newman Verret‎

“Found in Anchorage AK. I couldn’t take it home fast enough! It now lives in our foyer”


Image source: ‎Dogolo-Fenwick Laurie

“I’m glad too. Lol. I went back and bought it.”


Image source: ‎Tracey McAdams

“Ceramic truth from the Salvation Army”


Image source: ‎Madison Rich‎

“Found my first weird find today. Pretty excited about it.”


Image source: ‎Ryan K. Jones


Image source: ‎Hayley Beattie‎

“I went back a week after and bought it I couldn’t resist

£150 with delivery !!!”


Image source: Anne Riotto

“This gem was found while cleaning out one of the outbuildings on our farm. My then 12 year son opened the box and asked me what it was. I glanced quickly at the device, golf ball, attachments and had no idea. I said, “Maybe a golf ball polisher? Just set it aside for now.”
A while later I worked my back to the box and opened it again. I took out the golf ball and the appliance, and there at the bottom of the case was a manual: White Cross Vibrator.
When it all clicked, I dropped the golf ball (in horror) and picked up the manual to peruse it more carefully. Turns out it was used to help treat “hysteria” among other things (the hysteria illustrated with a woman clad in Victorian garb collapsed into a chair). In the back of the manual there was a list of attachments one could get, including the Rectal Attachment.
People. I plugged this thing in. Not only would the neighborhood know when you were suffering hysteria from the lights going down due to the draw on the local electric grid, but This. Would. Turn. Your. Ass. Into. Scrambled. Eggs.”


Image source: ‎Matthew Randall‎

“If your Latin is rusty, it says “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” and it is perfection in hat form.”


Image source: ‎Angel Horrigan

“Mum bought this coffee cup for me when I was maybe 9 or 10, because I liked bunnies at the time.

Didn’t realise until years later that it’s just a bunch of rabbits having an orgy. ”


Image source: ‎Lauren Souther

“A “cowch.” Found at the Benton Trading Post in Maine.”


Image source: ‎Riley Pemberton‎

“Interesting read. Found this book at my local op shop and was way too intrigued not to buy it haha”


Image source: Ali McPhee

“Weird second hand find story with a happy ending:
I was at a local op shop (thrift store/charity shop) last Friday and picked up what I thought was a vintage knitting pattern for doll’s clothes (bottom right of pic). But when I opened the package it was full of family photos dating back to the 1950s. The photos had so obviously been left at the op shop in error and I felt a bit ill knowing that they could be lost to the family forever.
But, thanks to the power of social media, I was able to reunite the photos with a family member on Monday evening.
The end”


Image source: ‎Tiffany Nicole Bender

“Found this shirt at my local Goodwill. My brother works at a Mormon owned boat/surf shop. I know what he’s going to be wearing Monday”


Image source: ‎Ruth Taylor‎

“My latest and most fabulous tip shop purchase. Fibre glass and corrugated iron giant mushroom goat house! How much you ask? $25! Bargain! Theo and Leo love it”


Image source: ‎Samuel Orozco

“Worlds greatest tissue dispenser? Help me name him please”


Image source: ‎Jessie Lee Fogarty

“One of my favorite moments was when I found the ad for my vintage bracelet in a 1972 Better Homes and Gardens I was reading WHILE WEARING IT. I feel like this is the place where the magic of that will be appreciated!”


Image source: ‎Doug Shaw‎

“If they were only my size… sigh”


Image source: ‎Julie Sowers Merrell‎

“Ironically I found this on National Pet Day. I do have a cat and a dog, but if I didn’t.”


Image source: ‎Arielle Henry

“So I finally have the right group to show off our shower curtain, purchased from our local Goodwill.”


Image source: ‎Cassy Hodges-Tester‎

“Thought this was a real palm reading guide until I read it

Edit: this is in Caloundra, QLD, Australia”


Image source: ‎Phillip Contreras‎

“Just found this, now I’m more of an action figure type but who else loves the show”


Image source: ‎LeAnn Walton O’Neill‎

“My buddy Ashley turned me on to this group, and I have something y’all might find interesting. Obviously, if I’m here, I love all things weird, creepy, and unusual. I found this picture at an antique shop in Edgefield, SC. I saw it tucked away in a back room and knew I had to have it. It was in the frame it is still in, but there was a ton of mold underneath the glass and photo was torn. It’s a pretty big piece at about 16″x36” in the frame, but it was in pretty nasty-looking. There was no price tag, so I asked the owner what he would take for it. He said it came from his aunt’s estate and told me would take $75. “Ehhhh,” I said. “I was thinking more like $25 since it is in such bad shape.” He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Okay, but I have to tell you the story behind it.” I was totally pumped to hear this creepy-ass nun picture had a backstory! He told me it is a photo of his great-aunt Helen Gardner who was a silent film actress. She was the first actor (male or female) to start her own film production company. She is most remembered for starring in an adaptation of Cleopatra which was produced by her production company. Apparently, this was the first 6000′ feature length film. Once the industry advanced to talking films, her career didn’t last much longer. I brought her home (for $25!), and cleaned the photo and glass and replaced the backing. Thankfully, the original mat, frame, and glass were in great shape. I’ve done some research on Ms. Gardner, and it sounds like she was a real pioneer. I haven’t been able to find a digital copy of this particular picture online, but I’m thinking it may be from her 1914 film “Pieces of Silver: A Story of Hearts and Souls.” She hangs in my hallway, and she creeps my husband way the hell out!”


Image source: ‎Connie Leaf‎


Image source: Nichole Sauter

“Guys! Look what I found today! My first post!”


Image source: ‎Jason Lillie

“Yeah, I’m gonna need you to come in on Caturday.”


Image source: ‎Marcia Dubois Martin‎

“When you entertain the thrift store strutting your new boots…”


Image source: ‎Ruth Quillin

“Found at the dump.”


Image source: ‎Michael Cosgrove‎

“Funky extra-tall chair and matching ottoman with Lucite legs – at the Pasadena City College flea market, Pasadena, CA.”


Image source: ‎Jackie Rivera‎


Image source: ‎Nicoletta Antonacci‎

“And……that was my exact expression when I turned the corner and saw this.

Edited because I forgot to add this: when the lady dropped these off at the store she told the girl helping her “I’ve got something for you”, then pulled this bad boy out. She told the worker that this and others she dropped off were her ‘rough drafts’…. I’m both intrigued and horrified at the same time.”

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