40 Stunning Pictures Of The Most Unique Wedding Dresses

Published 8 months ago

Where once a traditional white dress was the most popular choice for a bride on their wedding day, times have changed according to one bridal magazine which claims that non-traditional wedding dresses have become the most popular bridal aesthetic of the year 2023. 

In this vein, many brides have opted for DIY wedding dresses that are more affordable yet unique choices for the big day that make more financial sense in the long run. But whatever choice a bride makes, it’s still their day and as the following images show, it’s definitely possible to leave a stunning impression even if your choices deviate from the usual accepted norm. 

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#1 Wedding Dress With Gold-Work Embroidery

Image source: Yoiton

ynyrhydref56: Interesting mix of styles. Part military, regalia, part Celtic

#2 My Wedding Dress Didn’t Arrive In Time So I Wore My Mom’s 1960s Wedding Dress And It Was Perfect For Our Backyard Ceremony

Image source: esuslee

#3 Decided To Photobomb My Wife During Our Wedding Photoshoot Last Month

Image source: Thatguy9211

#4 My Totally Non-Traditional Totally Awesome Dress. The Giant Purple Skirt Was Removable For Dancing, Underneath Was A Silk Sheath With Short Mermaid Train

Image source: WhiskeySteeves

#5 I Designed It, And My Mom Made It. I Couldn’t Be Happier With The Way My Unconventional Dress Turned Out

Image source: articulateantagonist

#6 Ghana, West Africa. Ghanaian Weddings Are Famous For Their Colorfulness

Image source: akiboatimpressions

Lyone Fein: Such uplifting colors

#7 Photos From My Winter Wedding In Teuta Matoshi Dress

Image source: parisburnscp

If you are thinking of getting a non-white dress trust me you won’t regret it! I was anxious at first but once I had the dress I selected the color palette to work around it and it all fell into place so well!

The dress is from Teuta Matoshi, I did the custom sizing and it was a perfect fit, the only alteration needed was the length (too long). They even did some customization to the dress for no extra cost, like adding a modesty panel to the corseted back and making my husband a pocket square that we didn’t end up using. Would definitely recommend buying from them.

#8 Ordos-Style Mongolian Wedding Head-Dress

Image source: khoshutsuld

#9 I Crocheted My Own Wedding Dress. 21 Days, 121 Hours, 79,000+ Stitches

Image source: jazzygurumi

#10 Black Wedding Dress

Image source: MissMizeri

#11 Tie-Dye Wedding Dress

Image source: RIPJ4WZ

Manusha Kanis: And a wonderful wedding bouquet aswell ^^

#12 Lucky To Witness One Of Two Japanese Wedding. This One In Particular Appeared Right Before Me

Image source: lanphantastic

cerinamroth: This will probably be at Itsukushima Shrine. We saw a beautiful traditional Japanese wedding ceremony there too, as almost all visitors will. It is a holy spot for Shinto and very popular for weddings.

#13 My Dream Wedding Dress

Image source: Pak_Cricket_Best

#14 Please Excuse My Messy House, But My Custom Black Wedding Dress Came In The Mail Today. I Can’t Wait For My Fiancé To See It, So I Had To Share It Somewhere

Image source: minasmorgirl

#15 Full Moon Union Under The Blue Moon Of All Hallows’ Eve

Image source: goowitch

#16 Floral Wedding Dress: What Bouquet Should I Get?

Image source: dragon_sydney

arthbach: With a dress like this, keep any flowers incredibly simple. A few white flowers, and lots of trailing foliage would look stunning.

#17 My Colorful Wedding Dress. Fabric From Ghana, Dress Custom-Made In Kenya

Image source: tiredmilennial

#18 Traditional Slay: Bridal Attire Of The Fulani Women, West Africa

Image source: TheAfternoonStandard

#19 Bride In India

Image source: weddingindia1

Agfox: If those are henna tattoos on her hands, I can’t imagine how much work went into their application. The entire outfit is amazing & the bride is beautiful

#20 My Photos Finally Came Back. This Is Me And My Best Friend Since We Were Toddlers

Image source: LankySandwich

Myrto Lewis: Enid & Wednesday vibes!!

#21 Just Had To Share My Dress. Wish I Could Wear It Every Day

Image source: Sow_My_Hautes

#22 Traditional Wedding Dress Of North Caucasian People. It Was Heavy And Very Beautiful

Image source: reddit.com

#23 My Unconventional Wedding Dress, I Seriously Love The Train

Image source: wedding-throwaway-

#24 Heard Such Kind And Helpful Thoughts When I Posted About Wanting To Wear A Red Dress. Here’s How It Turned Out

Image source: Illyria222

#25 I’m So Excited About My Wedding Dress, I Feel Like A Fairy

Image source: myfriendsrock98

#26 My Mother (The Sewing Queen) And My Mother-In-Law (The Crochet Queen) Made My Wedding Dress

Image source: howlingwulvi

#27 Our Super Mario And Rainbow Unicorn Wedding. We Decided To Have Some Fun With Our Wedding Reception. Our Wedding Party Was All In Rainbows Too

Image source: MissyeffinG

Natalie Bohrteller: I want to be friends with them.

#28 I Made A Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

Image source: Sunshine_manifest

#29 We Did It

Image source: Riderkes, heatherkliss

Blue Bunny of Happiness: I love a short wedding dress, possibly because I know I’d trip over a long one!

#30 My Wedding Dress

Image source: mittencats

By far my biggest dye project. Rit dye on pure silk chiffon and then hand-dyed opals to sew on the said dress (rit again) looked so good in the sunlight and I love how it turned out. Thanks heap for your advice over the past 2 years.

#31 Halloween Wedding. Under 10k. Who Says You Can’t Have Creepy, Cheap And Nice Things?

Image source: PostmodernMorticia

#32 Traditional Wedding Of A British-Ghanaian Couple In London

Image source: Darqseyd

sbj: Loving the Fan

#33 My Green “Wedding” Dress. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What To Do – Do You With Your Wedding

Image source: Danswoman

#34 I Finally Got The Pictures Back From My Wedding A Few Months Ago And Just Wanted To Share My Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

Image source: Emnightshayamalan

#35 My Custom Dress Is Ready. Can’t Wait To Try It On

Image source: roxybudgy

#36 My Pakistani Wedding Back In May

Image source: mahassan91

#37 Our Gothic Queen Katie Looking Stunning In Her Bespoke Charcoal And Slate Grey Gown

Image source: thecoutureco

#38 Traditional Style Of Bride Dress In Takasuda

Image source: kamakura.yorozuya

#39 Something A Little Different, My Modern Cheongsam, A Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress, That I’ll Be Wearing Down The Aisle

Image source: TheWeebQueen

#40 A Part Of Me Was Worried I Would Regret Not Wearing A Dress For Our Wedding. Needless To Say Once We Got The Photos Back I No Longer Cared About The Dress

Image source: sarbrosious

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