People In This Online Group Share Raw Unedited Photos, And Here Are 20 Of The Most Beautiful Ones

Published 1 year ago

Social media is so much cramped with photoshopped pics these days that some people are now struggling to normalize normal bodies. The so-called beauty-enhancing filters might make the skin look smooth and body toned, but on these virtual platforms, it seems like we have lost touch with the naturally textured skin, the diverse body shapes and sizes, and the gorgeous wrinkles.

Well thankfully, there are still some corners of the internet where you can find people sharing raw unedited photos of beautiful women. The subreddit r/Instagramreality celebrates all the magazines, billboards, fashion brands, and people who favor natural charm instead of photoshopped photos. Check out some of their best posts in the gallery below. And if these pics feel like a breath of fresh air to you, then please consider checking out our previous post too.

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#1 Nice To See A Well-Known Clothing Brand Not Editing Out The Model’s Arm Hair Or Skin Texture!

Image source: makeuathrowaway

#2 This Photo Of Her Was Taken In 2003 And Not Photoshopped

Image source: LeTrak5

#3 She Just A Rare Natural/Unedited Pic, Refreshing

Image source: clutchkickmurphys

#4 It Wasn’t Until I Saw This Post That I Realized How We Are Never Shown A Variety Of Arm Sizes In Makeup Swatches. Also Love Seeing Real Skin!!

Image source: jennifercheckk

#5 She Looks Stunning

Image source: sausagemuffincake

#6 This Polish Singer I Recently Found Who Doesn’t Edit Her Wrinkles Or Pores Away, Was So Refreshing To See This!

Image source: xxpurplemoonlightxx

#7 French Jewelry Brand Uses Gray-Haired Model

Image source: anawkwardsomeone

#8 A Breath Of Fresh Air

Image source: ahanaahana

#9 I Spy With My Little Eye… A Real Thigh

Image source: JMyers666

#10 Such A Striking Look

Image source: lammsss

#11 The Existence Of Arm Hair!

Image source: elevenmillion

#12 Just An Appreciation Post For This Beautiful Actress Aging Gracefully And Showcasing It By Posting Unedited Instagram Pictures. I’ve Always Thought She Was Beautiful

Image source: seanceknowles

#13 Same Legs Different Lighting For This Fitness Influencer – It’s Time To Love Your Lumps And Bumps

Image source: LavenderLady_

#14 Make Up Brand Teaching A Winged Eyeliner Technique

Image source: silentwail

#15 Aging Skin, Natural Teeth And Brows, Skin Texture, Model Variety… *chef’s Kiss*

Image source: smashedaura

#16 Genuinely Surprised And Happy To See This On A Major Retailer’s Site!

Image source: amrungwaew

#17 Polish Lingerie Brand, The First Thing You See On Their Website

Image source: kiwi-bandit

#18 On Europe’s Biggest Billboard

Image source: BrownBobbies

#19 I Love This

Image source: funfilo

#20 Glad To See The Magazine Didn’t Edit This Out

Image source: youknowmeasjess

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