20 Of The Strangest Things Consumers Noticed While Looking Over Terms And Conditions

Published 1 year ago

Do you ever read the “terms and conditions” before buying anything? Let’s be honest, no one really wants to read those long pages of tiny words. So, most of us just skip all of that to save time.

However, there are a few people who actually take the time to read those “terms and conditions” word by word. In this viral r/AskReddit thread, people have shared weird and shady terms and conditions that they spotted on various things. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: anon, Anna Shvets

“I was asked to sign a petition for something that I generally was in agreement with, until I read the last part of it, that read something like, “the chairman of the committee reserves the right to change the wording of this petition”.

So it was like, “sign here, and we’ll figure out what you signed later”.”


Image source: Brianthelion83, Shoshanah

“I’m an auto mechanic, I regularly purchase tools from tool trucks. Sometimes there’s little giveaways if you spend x amount you get this scratch off ticket that could win you something blah blah.

One time I was reading the fine print at the bottom, usual legalese stuff then the last line cracked me up – said something like “residents of Canada will be required to complete a series of mathematical questions in order to claim their prize”

What the hell did Canada do to require being punished to win a prize?”


Image source: bf5005, Maurizio Pesce

“You never own the Tesla you pay for.

Tesla, (and to various extents, other anti-right-to-repair companies like Mercedes, Apple, John Deere, etc.) hold that their products are intellectual property and cannot be owned by customers, instead claiming that they are effectively leased to buyers.”

“Tesla has on multiple occasions (illegally) disabled features of cars being sold used because of this.”


Image source: idrunkenlysignedup

“I was a witness on Judge Judy probably about a decade ago. In the waiver that you have to sign it said you would get paid $5 in cash upon request in the small print. I asked the woman who took the form from me she chuckled and pulled out a crisp $5 and handed it to me.”


Image source: Smitty_Werbnjagr, Nikita Kostrykin

“For no reason at all I read them for a PlayStation Network update. About the 7th page in, it stated that I would be “relinquishing my wallet and all funds within”. I didn’t update but just assumed it was fancy legal talk(mind you I was in my late teens) so I didn’t report it. 3 days later I found out that the update was a hack and thousands had their information stole of their PlayStation accounts.”


Image source: kavantoine, marcoverch

“Don’t remember the exact wording, but some League-of-Legends-type game included this whole paragraph about how, *by installing this software, you authorize us to monitor every process on your computer, including but not limited to keystrokes, active programs, some of their memory, browser tabs, open files and potentially their contents, and send that info back, at all times,* even if the game wasn’t running.

Safe to assume I did not click agree, and managed to live life having never played that game.”


Image source: grouchy_fox, Antonio Batinić

“You cannot use the Java programming language to control a nuclear reactor.”


Image source: anon, Canada’s Got Talent

“I considered auditioning for the first season of Canada’s Got Talent. I got the contract for auditions and read the fine print.

“You will pay your own room, board and travel. You agree to being on camera 24/7. We can listen to your private phone calls. We can enter your room at any time to check on you and record it.”

I noped out of that audition fast.”


Image source: whatnameisnttaken098, Marccoton

“The terms and conditions for the rewards card at the grocery store i worked had “if you’ve actually taken the time to read this, please email (email) with this code and the pin for your card for $500 in rewards points ”

And it actually did, then I started getting a new card every other month or so. Then they changed who the rewards program was with.”


Image source: GhandisMcGonagall, Sebastian Ballard

“Gamestation (an old video game store in the UK) had an immortal soul clause. They own thousands of peoples souls!”


Image source: tadashi88, manchestereveningnews

“Peacock tv has a recipe for chocolate cake in section 9”


Image source: knights4412, Sora Shimazaki

“Halfway it stopped and said “do you even read these””


Image source: Moonlightonthelake80, Alexander Suhorucov

“My daycare’s release form had a clause saying that by signing, I was giving them permission to take my kids to Canada. Canada is a day’s drive away and there is absolutely no reason they would ever need to take my kids there. I crossed it off before signing.

My mortgage documents included a clause that says that, if I ever get sued, they have the right to accelerate the loan and demand payment of the entire remaining balance. It doesn’t matter if the law suit is meritorious. Just getting sued can lead to acceleration.”


Image source: pakidara, solvusoft

“Spybot S&D asks that you send the devs beer money.”


Image source: 11xomr11, Andrea Piacquadio

“These are a few paraphrased versions of what I had to sign in order to live on campus at my university:

I give my school permission to charge me legal fees that have nothing to do with me.
They also say everyone I know has given up the right to sue the school.
They can kick me out at anytime with little warning, and if I do not leave with in a few days I have to pay a +$100 fee.
They are not responsible for working amenities such as water.
I am aware the school does not own there own dorms, even though the office that handles room and board claims otherwise.”


Image source: sweetlyserious, Sven Mieke

“I read the terms and conditions before joining a gym. It said the only reason you could cancel your membership is if you moved out of the area or got injured and had a note from a doctor. Otherwise you had to give 30 days notice and pay 3 additional months worth of fees. I did not join.”


Image source: cld8, Gerson Repreza

“*You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons.*

This is from the Terms and Conditions for Apple’s iTunes.”


Image source: anon, winworldpc

“I read the terms and conditions for either Windows 95 or the Windows 98 upgrade. Somewhere buried deep in the middle was a warning that the operating system should not be used to operate a nuclear power plant. I’m assuming it was a joke because it was an individually licensed product rather than a corporate license, and if they were serious about it, I would think that warning would be at the top!

Also, can you imagine a nuclear power plant running on a 90’s version of Windows? It would give a whole new meaning to “the blue screen of death.””


Image source: theshizirl, Tdorante10

“One of my old jobs said that if there was ever a contagion that resulted in people losing their minds and acting like violent, mindless, swarming animals (i.e. zombies or infected) then we would be expected to hide in bunkers, rescue our clients and not kill anyone.”


Image source: billyandteddy, Michael Burrows

“On my apartment rent agreement, there was one part that basically said: If you (the renter) dies then your family is responsible for paying the rest of the rent left on your contract.”

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