20 Times A Stalker Creeped Someone Out With A Totally Unhinged Text

Published 10 months ago

Most women will get stalked at least once in their lifetime by someone who just doesn’t want to take no for an answer. The entitlement aside, it’s creepy and weird and not in the least bit entertaining to be on the receiving end of such infatuated adulation. 

In the past, it was often a more physical presence hidden in the shadows or lingering and following from a distance. However, in our current reality of the digital age, stalkers seem to have become emboldened to brazenly dump their unwanted attention on the object of their affection via email or text as seen below.

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#1 Persistent Online Stalkers

Image source: Spzncer

#2 My Stalker Has “Endless Numbers”

So I’m quick to block anything I don’t recognize but will occasionally check my blacked messages folder to make sure I didn’t block anyone other than him. I’m mostly just posting here just incase I disappear. I’m sure the local police are fatigued by him by now.

Image source: consideratedealer

#3 I’m Actually A Nice Stalker!

Image source: JohnLyte

#4 My Husband’s Obsessive Stalker Is Back, I Hope He Doesn’t Threaten Our Neighbors And Their Children Again. I Don’t Want Go Through That Again Especially At 22 Weeks Pregnant

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Found On A Video Of A Stalker Who K**led A Woman That Rejected Him

Image source: NotifyM3

#6 Sent Flowers To My GF, Stalker Gets Upset And Calls Florist Who Then Gave Them My Name

Image source: slashclick

#7 “I’m A Creepy Stalker, But You’re A S**t Person If You Don’t Want To Stay With Me!

Image source: Ultramen1

#8 Nice Guy Decides To Stalk Girl He Meets On Train. Then Gets Mad That She Doesn’t Like Stalkers

Image source: chinabull111

#9 “It Was 15 Times At Once Gosh. I’m Not A Stalker. You Guys Are Idiots”

Image source: futuregirlconan

#10 Wtf… Sure She Could Be Telling The Truth, Other Than That This Could Be A Stalker Ass Creep

Image source: FifaorPesmobile

#11 Recently Gave A Dude Directions On A Street, Gave Him Fake # But He Caught On

I live and work downtown and am easy to find unfortunately. Guess I have a stage 5 clinger, even after rejection.

Image source: tarais

#12 Crazy Stalker Get Jealous When Seen With My Boyfriend

Image source: MainSecretary

#13 My Neck Bone Fetish Stalker Came Back Guys… Its Been Three Months Since He First Contacted Me

Image source: ratscatsnbats

#14 I Am Not A Stalker!

Image source: BlackMistPhoenix

#15 College Guys… I Mean This Is Stalker Level

Image source: Jacktheriipper, twitter.com

#16 Stalker To The Max!

Image source: F**kALLTheWayOff

#17 For A Minute I Thought This Was My Stalker Ex Boyfriend. Not Sure If I Should Feel Relief Or Not

Image source: reddit.com

#18 Ngvc: “I’m Not Gonna Do Anything To You, I Just Think You’re Really Pretty”

Image source: Accuparaccu

#19 Comment On A News Article. Teenage Girl Abducted By Her Stalker

Image source: minzet

#20 3 Years After I Blocked Him For Stalking Me

We went on one date. He made 7 fake profiles, stalked me at work, and home. Also faked his own death to get me to talk to his “friend” (aka another fake profile)

Image source: Zoe12663

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