20 People Caught Displaying Their Absolute Ignorance On How The Female Body Works

Published 12 months ago

It’s shocking that even in 2023 most women are still unaware of the reproductive system in their own bodies. So it’s no wonder quite a few men are in the same boat too, according to this survey. The following accurate posts touch on the subject in a very realistic manner and remind us of how rampant ignorance is even in our day-to-day lives. 

After all, it was Daniel Rumsfeld, the former US Secretary of Defence, who put it pretty succinctly when he said “You don’t know what you don’t know”. But the Bad Women’s Anatomy subreddit aims to change that, by hilariously calling out the blatant ignorance one post at a time. 

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#1 I Can’t Believe This Is Really A Thing

Image source: wilymon

#2 Trans People Live In This Dude’s Head Rent Free (Cw For Transphobia)

Image source: xxxSexMan69xxx

#3 A Girl Posts A Selfie For Her 18th Birthday… Cue Men Being Confused And Rude About The Fact That Women Have Body Hair

Image source: catdarkless

#4 “Dna Binds To Cells In The Brain”

Image source: The_Dickasso

#5 As A Guy, I Can Definitely Say This Is What We Expect Now

Image source: Horatio_ATM

#6 Woman Above +25 Are Old Hags…

Image source: arnau9410

#7 Just Wow

Image source: SmuttilyBrood

#8 Time Zones Are Weird. France Is In 2023 And The Us Is In 1823

Image source: xxxSexMan69xxx

#9 That Rare Example Of Bad Anatomy Done Intentionally For Humour. That Is Actually Funny!

Image source: Dixielandblues

#10 Humanity Would Have Become Extinct A Long Time Ago

Image source:  redditisshitaf

#11 Pov: You’re A Woman In A Doctor’s Office

Image source: PhoenixQueenAzula

#12 Maybe Because Babies Come From Women’s Womb

Image source: witchy_princess011

#13 Can’t Find His Brain

Image source:  Emil8ner

#14 The Cathedral Is A Myth

Image source: xxxSexMan69xxx

#15 “5min Of Continuons Sex”

Image source:  TheRealSnorkel

#16 Just Hold The Blood In

Image source: Comfortable_Pen3589

#17 Ah Yes, Put Water Inside Your Privates Girl!

Image source: poisoned_corpse

#18 Nice Try, Guys

Image source:  anon12xyz

#19 Comment From Someone Regarding A Suggestion That Period Products Should Be Free

Image source:  SpacePolice04

#20 On A Post Discussing The Misconception Of Intact Hymen=virginity

Image source: jeffreyepsteinsmom

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