30 Twisted And Unique Artworks That Might Not Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Published 2 years ago

Art has no boundaries – an artist can express themselves in whatever way they feel like. While some folks like to follow traditional art forms, others take a different route by creating unique artwork.

Turns out, there is a Facebook group “Home for Peculiar Artists” which serves as an online community where all sorts of artists gather and share their quirky art. Check out some of their amazing posts in the gallery below.

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Image source: Castinghues

“Creator: myself (Castinghues)
Medium: opalite, brass
Cloudy with a chance of rainbows.”


Image source: Crystal Prism

“I made a peculiar lampshade!”


Image source: The Crafty Witch 7

Creator: me (The Crafty Witch 7)
Medium: yarn?
Just finished this custom order!! I’m very excited to send him off to his new home!! ?? I love making these guys! It’s so much fun? I’m in the process of making a rainbow one and a tiny one? can’t wait to show you guys


Image source: Ricky Dampers

“Charcoal pencils on paper
Zebras are my favorite I enjoy drawing them”


Image source: Sharon March

Artist: me (Sharon March)
Medium broken jewelery
This what I make I have autism lern probs and I am very alone I make with broke jewllery I feel broken I hope one day to be happy but it is so hard xx.


Image source: Andy Gertler

“Creators: Sue Beatrice and Andy Gertler
Medium: Recycled cardboard boxes, paper bags, wood and glue.
Like many of you, we accumulate tons of boxes from shipments of online purchases. The forms are all made from cut boxes and the surface is covered with torn bits of paper bags. This sculpture was created without making paper pulp. It’s all just cut cardboard assembled using hot glue and Elmer’s glue. It was built from the inside out starting with basic forms made from cardboard and layering on the musculature and then the fur.”


Image source: Jami Waller

“I’m obsessed!
Artist: me (Jami Waller)
Medium: glass, foil, solder”


Image source: Aasen Stephenson

“Creator/artist. Me (Aasen Stephenson)
Medium. Real leaf . Cut by hand
Description. This was 4 real leaves that I dried and pressed and then hand cut using a knife.
It was then mounted and framed.”


Image source: etuaembroidery

“Romance on the River, a 4” thread painting.”


“Creator: Me (Justine VValters)
Medium: graphite on bristol
Inspiration: this piece is called “Release.”
I wanted to draw something you could physically feel. What better than that sweet sweet release at the end of a long day!”

Image source: Justine VValters


Image source: South Sound Woodworking

“I made this reclaimed oak herringbone bench last year. I used a jade wood stain on the mountains after it was all glued up and taped off to make them pop a bit.”


Image source: Jacqueline Yong

“Creator: me (Jacqueline Yong)!
Medium: sponge cake with mango cheese layer filling.
Description: Painted with coloured cake batter, baked and hand painted details. Assembled with non bake cheese cake with layers of cake and fresh mango. I love how this turns out. It’s my kind of prettycake!
Size: 6″ cake”


Image source: rkelders.art

“Here is my pencil drawing of ancient Great Grandmother nature wisdom crone. How does she make you feel?”


Image source: candymakeupartist

“creator: me (candymakeupartist)
medium: thermoplastic
???? ?????? ????? ?
Made these dragon claws and I’m so in love with them. They’re a part of a full jade costume.
Hope you like it!”


Image source: Andrea Wilkins

“I created this stained glass art piece from a doodle my nephew did. I named it, “I’m So Happy I Could Puke.” I gifted it to my nephew when he bought his first home several years ago. I no longer do stained glass due to health reasons.”


Image source: show.donttel

“Hi guys. I’m a fiber artist (show.donttel) from NC. Here is one of my favorite creations.”


Image source: Amanda Sanford

“An enchanting rainbow dark chainmaille dragon hatched on my desk today.”


Image source: Ryan Tinker

“Just finished up an applewood bowl. It was so rotten. It took a ton of work to repair this thing and bring it back to life. How do you think it looks?”


Image source: Elissa Baltzer

“The Rainbow Raccoons!”


Image source: Travis Mullins

‘”Pickle Purse” built around a high quality Italian leather purse, insulation foam board, latex, vinyl fabric and two part epoxy.’


Image source: Sam Astill-Blackburn

“One of my handpainted jacket commissions, a little mystical moon with florals. Painted on faux leather with leather paint.”


Image source: blueridge_glassworks

“Artist: blueridge_glassworks (Me)
Medium: Stained Glass, Natural Elements, Wood
Description: First time post.
Commissioned Langstroth Bee Frame including real pressed honeycomb , feathers, fiddlehead, gingko leaf, and watercolor bee art from the client. I love experimenting with all kinds of natural events in my glass art. Appreciate a follow if you enjoy. Thank you!”


Image source: 3mecrea

“⭐️Creator: Myself (3mecrea)
⭐️Medium: flexible polymer clay over metal armature
⭐️I made various new color for my crows ear cuff! they are all made by hand and fit most ear as they are flexible!
Soon i’ll finish some butterfly earcuff :3
⭐️Weight is around 20 grams and size is around 14cm from head to wings”


Image source: Lora Mihaylova

“Creator: Me (Lora Mihaylova)✨
Medium: Commissioned handmade monstera rugs ? hope you like it ?
Instagram page: Lm.rugs”


Image source: ianbstudio

“Hi everyone!
Here’s a new balloon oil painting!
…does this count as a self portrait?”


Image source: dentreedolls

“Creator: me (dentreedolls) a couple of years ago!
Materials: felt, embroidery thread, hand dyed silk, wool locks, and poly clay.
A little forest creature that serves you tea and then dissolves into a pile of leaves.
I’m making another very inspired by her, but space themed!”


Image source: Adrienne DeLoe

“New work from Ghosts of the Earth.”


Image source: Han Whitaker

Creator: Me (Han Whitaker)! Medium: metal fridge, paint, wood, magnets, white board, stickers Recently painted my cheap fridge to look like BMO from Adventure Time! I used paint with primer for metal, cut out sticker letters, and attached magnets to some shape blocks to create the look of his buttons. For his face I attached a magnetic white board so we can change his expression!


Image source: Nancy Anderson

“Artist: me (Nancy Anderson)
Medium: glass beads”


Image source: Kayt Primmer

“Hello Everyone, Love seeing the huge talent here from all over the world. I make stained glass lamps. Began glass work to help rehab after a ruptured cerebral aneurysm, now I just love working with glass.”

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