30 Times People Shared Photos Of The Most Amazing Things They’ve Collected (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Some folks collect things during their childhoods while others make this hobby a lifelong pursuit. Seeking, acquiring, and arranging things together is quite a brain-stimulating process, and in the end, when one sits and looks at their collection, there is a sense of peace and relaxation in it.

When it comes to the hobby of collecting, almost anything can be collected. From four-leaf clovers to concert tickets, scroll below to see what amazing things people collect. And if you want to see more such collections, check out our previous post here.

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#1 My Collection Of More Than 200 Four Leaf Clovers

Image source: EllieBee22

#2 This Book Collection Sorted By Color

Image source: no_ga

#3 One Cup Of Sand From Every Beach And Desert I Visited Over The Past 3 Years

Image source: bojack-squarepants

#4 I Am Nearly 14 Years Old, And Have Been Collecting Succulents And Houseplants For Nearly 3 Years. Here Are My Succulents

Image source: angelica-b

#5 Bentley Likes To Hide His Toy Mice Under One Specific Sofa. Here He Is With The 13 I Pulled Out Today

Image source: Torridger

#6 Weird Christmas Tradition: Parents Buy Me These Bird Pens Every Year Without Fail. Here’s My Collection After About 10 Years. I’m A 26-Year-Old Male By The Way

Image source: Cheese-is-vile

#7 Here Is My Vinyl Record Collection

Image source: iamstop

#8 My Completely Obsolete DVD Collection

Image source: beastmodeChadF13

#9 My Dad Kept All Glasses He’s Ever Worn Since 1964

Image source: Bombraker

#10 My Grandparents Had The Full Coke Bottle Collection From Different Years

Image source: Tranracial

#11 My Grandma Kept And Framed Her Valentine’s Cards She Got In Second Grade, Around 1924

Image source: type-username_here

#12 I’m A Hardcore Collector Of 70s Space Age Mod, And Pick Up Every Single Piece I Find Thrifting. Here Is My Upstairs Living Room With Some Of My Finds Over The Years

Image source: Sappet102

#13 I Recently Helped My Father-In-Law Pick Out A New Telescope. Today, He Said Thanks By Gifting Me His Collection Of NASA Mission Patches He’s Been Collecting For Over 40 Years

Image source: StrandedonTatooine

Every manned mission from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. I’m speechless.

#14 My Father’s Collection Of Concert Tickets

Image source: Ibinobe

#15 Slowly Finding More Beatrix Potter 50p Coins. Found The Flopsy Bunny Coin Tonight

Image source: vintagethrowaway19

#16 My Aunt’s Perfume Collection

Image source: drk-chocolate

#17 My Fiancée Took Me To IKEA So I Would Have A Place To Display My Collection

Image source: hermthewerm00

#18 I Have Been Keeping A Collection Of The Tiny Balls In Pen Ink Cartridges Since Middle School

Image source: lily_hunts

#19 My Typewriter Collection

Image source: rixilef

#20 Hello There, Here’s My Collection. It’s Pretty Much Finished And I’m Super Proud Of It. Hope You Like It

Image source: goran1620

#21 I Collect Old Drinking Glasses And Came Across This Beautiful Cabinet Last Week At Salvation Army. It’s Perfect

Image source: HeyGirlBye

#22 My 20+ Year Collection Of Art Deco And Commemorative Cameras. Mostly Between 1930 And 1950

Image source: MrRabinowitz

#23 I Kept All Of My Old Cell Phones Throughout The Years. Decided To Display Them For Some Reason

Image source: PolymerPussies

#24 My Local Liquor Store Keeps A “Wall Of Shame” Of Fake Driver’s Licenses They’ve Accumulated Over The Years

Image source: ubiquitousGOAT

#25 My Collection Of Uranium Glass That Glows Under UV Light

Image source: cumpletefraud

#26 Everyone Who Leaves The Hospital I Was At, Leaves Their Covid Temp Check Sticker In The Same Spot

Image source: Kazrine

#27 My Parents Have A Map Of Bills From Around The World

Image source: twinhooks

#28 My Hometown’s Museum Has A Collection Of Objects Doctors Have Removed From Patients’ Throats And Lungs

Image source: ChooseyBeggar

#29 I Want To Share My Nintendo Gaming Cabinet With You All

Image source: tyweed220

#30 All The Shark Teeth My Grandma Found When She Was Younger That I Now Own

Image source: HopieJewell

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