40 Things We See In Movies That Just Don’t Make Sense In Real Life

Published 5 months ago

When movie characters do something unrealistic like leaving the perfectly safe house to go explore a random noise from outside, it irks one to the bone. Indeed, there are several movie moments where characters do something improbable.

Recently a Reddit discussion amongst cinephiles explored more impossible scenarios that we witness in films that are too improbable to stomach. From tapping on laptops for 5 seconds before gaining entry to high-security systems or getting caught in massive explosions from which they walk away relatively unscathed, these implausible scenes invariably annoy the viewer due to their unlikely nature.

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#1 That everyone in a Tom Cruise movie is the same height or shorter than him…

Image source: Pathologicguy

#2 When getting shot, stabbed, bones broken and beaten seems to have no physical detriment on a character. Get shot in the leg? Still able to run. Stabbed in the back? Still able to finish a fight. Ridiculous.

Image source: Hissingbunny

#3 When there’s a big fight scene and all the bad guys attack the protagonist one at a time whilst the rest just stand at the side. If you wanna win, all attack at once!!

Image source: Nyxie27

#4 Firing guns in enclosed spaces not deafening anyone.

Image source: votemarvel


Image source: BaconReceptacle

The phone rings and the actor picks up the handset, listens for two seconds:

“Oh really?”

one second later:


one second later:

“I’ll be right there”

Hangs up without saying goodbye.

The actor turns around and relays a 30 seconds of details that he just learned in only four seconds.


Image source: scottiebass

Whenever some idiot is running on foot while being chased by a car that’s trying to run them down, they without fail ALWAYS run straight down the middle of the street, when all they have to do is simply run off to the side where there’s trees and lamp-posts and plenty of other s**t to block them from getting hit.

In that case, I always root for whoever’s driving.

#7 EMTs / doctors / random hero person using a defibrillator on a person that has flat-lined. That is NOT how it works. You shock a flat line and all you do is make the patient even more dead. Flat-liners get drugs to get their hearts beating, and THEN get shocked if that beat is abnormal.

Image source: GrandAdmiralD

#8 When an actor clearly has no idea how to play the instrument they’re holding. They don’t have to be an expert, but Christ someone show them where their fingers are supposed to go, or stop focusing the shot on their fingers.

Image source: MrLuxarina

#9 Movie depictions of childbirth are often ridiculously wrong. They make it look so easy, quick, and clean. This is not the case.

Image source: Consistent_Fig6588

#10 Homes are always spotless and ridiculously large.

Image source: Chubbymommy2020


Image source: TheOldestMillenial1

Hackers in movies:

*enters a few keystrokes*

*”I’m in!”*

#12 How terrible the bad guys are at shooting…

Image source: spankydeluxe69

#13 A woman on the run with dark brown/black hair goes into the bathroom for 30 minutes and emerges with perfect light blonde hair using box color.

Image source: ImOscar-Dot-Com

#14 Are people shooting at you? Take cover behind… anything! Car doors, drywall, couches, tables, cardboard boxes, it doesn’t matter! EVERYTHING is bulletproof!

Image source: WreckNRepeat

#15 People sneaking-around inside air ducts. Don’t get me wrong, in big buildings you absolutely can walk around in there, i’ve done it a lot, but: 1) they’re dirty as sin, not gleaming metal 2) There are screws poking in there and sharp edges everywhere 3) There are lots of barriers to movement, fans, filters, humidifiers, dampers and fire dampers. all of those would stop your progress 4) it’s not a quiet process, that metal bongs and klunks like crazy under your weight

Image source: Hmarf

#16 Horses constantly making noise, neighing etc. horses rarely make any noise, due to being a prey animal. yet in movies, the f*****s have full blown horseconversations with themselfs. constantly. source, own 7 horses.

Image source: Finiarin

#17 Digging graves in wooded areas. There are f*****g roots everywhere. You can’t dig a 6 foot grave with a pair of shovels in an hour; that s**t takes time.

Image source: TheMightyWoofer

#18 Men surviving in the wilderness: Unrecognisable, overgrown hair and beards. Women surviving in the wilderness: Perfect hair, no need to shave at all.

Image source: TheJollyFox

#19 College professors being shown living in giant Victorian houses with massive libraries. I used to be a professor, and can confirm that the pay isn’t that good.

Image source: IAmNotScottBakula

#20 Standing under the shower head when you turn on the shower. Dat s**t way to cold.

Image source: OddDogWarrior

#21 Gift wrapping the box and the lid separately. I mean, I get why they do it (multiple takes), but it always sticks out to me. Also, every bag of groceries has french bread.

Image source: Mortambulist

#22 Bad. Trigger. Discipline.

If you (the character) know enough about guns to be a movie badass, you know to keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

Image source: 00zau

#23 Candles. Who lit all those candles and who goes and puts them out? Same for torches in an abandoned cave.

Image source: IllustriousAd3306

#24 Shooting the monitor as a way of stopping the computer….

Image source: Rysilk

#25 When someone is “driving” and they look away from the road by looking at the person in the passenger seat for a prolonged amount of time, or when they’re constantly turning the wheel and the car doesn’t move, things like that bother me too much.

Image source: GingerbreadDogs

#26 Women’s hair is always perfect after a crazy action sequence. They’re also wearing heels ALL THE TIME. No matter what crazy stunts they’re doing.

Image source: puff_pastry_1307

#27 How people in NYC/LA/SF and so on work jobs that really don’t pay much, yet live in these giant, nice, well-located apartments.

Image source: OldBanjoFrog

#28 Guys who get rejected and then stalk the girl and win her over at the end of the movie.

Image source: ketchupandtidepods

#29 A relatively small woman beats 5 large guys in hand to hand combat. “I grew I up with 5 brothers. Had to learn to be tough.”

Image source: king063

#30 Fire, Lava, etc. has no heat- people can be suspended over a volcano, or in the case of The Hobbit, SURF ON MOLTEN METAL and no one gets so much as a blister.

Image source: fishandpaints

#31 ‘ Zoom in on that. Can you make it clearer? ‘ ‘ Sure, no problem ‘. Two MP CCTV screen grab.

Image source: anon

#32 The fresh out of college student scoring a great apartment in a swanky part of town while working minimum wage job for themselves. In reality, you’d have 4 roommates for such a place, or you’re living in a dump in a bad part of town.

Image source: Tsquare43


Image source: MowMdown

Setting off Fire Alarm / Fire Sprinklers.

1. Pulling a fire alarm will not activate fire sprinklers

2. Setting off a single sprinkler head will not set off the entire system. Each fire sprinkler has either a glass bulb with heat sensitive liquid or a metal fusible link. You need to essentially break the bulk/link on each individual sprinkler to allow the water to flow.

3. The water leaving the sprinkler system will be black from the years of corrosion that occurs inside due to the stagnant water, you do not want to be around this water when it comes out.

I design these systems, I know how this s**t works.


Image source: dupedyetagain

When the brilliant detective can solve the case—but only if someone is willing to repeat the random thing they just said.

>Friend: I just had diarrhea, so I think I’m going to head out
>Detective: Wait! Say that again.
>Friend: Huh?
>Detective: What you just said, I need you to say it again.
>Friend:…uh. OK…I just had diarrhea, so I’m going to head out?
>Detective: That’s it! Her diary! That’s what’s going to lead us straight to Mrs. Hamisham’s missing head!
>Friend:…so I’m gonna go…

#35 Turning on the TV at the exact moment a relevant news report starts.

Image source: LoveAndDynamite

#36 The Doorbell rings and someone answers almost immediately. There is a delicious breakfast on the table,but everyone grabs a piece of bread and runs off to work!

Image source: batmans_apprentice

#37 People giving insulin to a diabetic who is crashing.
This pisses me off because it’s the wrong thing to do and it perpetuates a dangerous way of thinking in people that aren’t familiar with diabetes.

Image source: Delverton

#38 After a hit to the head or being knocked unconscious, people are fine after a minute. Concussions don’t seem to exist in movies.

Image source: cambium7

#39 Drowning revivals. Victim is pulled, blue, from the water. Couple of chest compressions, hero through gritted teeth says “don’t you die on me godammit”, small arc of water shoots from the mouth of the victim as they cough twice and immediately regain consciousness, sit up and ask what happened. Alright.

Image source: Jonnyrs909

#40 People order food or drink in a restaurant, get the food, never touch it and decide it’s time to go.

Image source: namdekan

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